Makalala Trans Bus

Makalala Trans Bus Contact Details, Ticket Prices

Makalala Trans Bus is a South African bus transportation company that was founded in 2013 by Bonke Makalala. 

Bonke Makalala started out as a taxi driver but soon saved enough for expansion as he bought his first minibus in 2013 and joined CATA in Boland. In the same year, Bonke managed to save enough to buy two more mini buses for transportation purposes and soon started his own company, the Makalala Trans Bus company. 

Time went by, Bonke considered the expansion of his company a crucial step for growth. Thus, following several other years, the company continued to expand its operations and increased its fleet of vehicles. The company not only transports individuals from one place to another, the company also has other important sectors like construction, funeral services and supply chain, to mention a few. 

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about the Makalala Trans Bus including the services the company offers, the routes it passes, its operations schedule, how to get in touch with the company’s representatives and frequently asked questions about the company. Please read on to learn more about Makalala Trans Bus. 

Makalala Trans Bus

Makalala Trans Bus Contact Details

To get in touch with any of its representatives, please use any of the contact details below to contact this transportation company.

  • Contact Number 1: 0210651591
  • Contact Number 2: 0210651590

Want to go to their office directly? Visit any of the addresses below: 

  • Head Office: Joe Gqabi Stock Road Cape Town station. 
    • Operating Hours: Mon – Sunday  7:30 -19:00
  • Address 2: Queenstown Engen-garage main road,
  • Address 3: Tsomo and Umtata railway station
  • Address 4: Engcobo Main Road  R61 Opposite Total Garage
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Makalala Trans Bus Routes

Makalala Trans Bus conveys passengers daily within the country of South Africa. The routes it plies are listed below: 

  • Cape Town to Umtata via East London
  • Cape Town to Umtata via Queenstown 
  • Johannesburg via Bloemfontein
  • Bloemfontein to Johannesburg 
  • Umtata To Cape Town via East London
  • Umtata To Cape Town via Queenstown
  • Cape Town To Johannesburg via Kokstad
  • Cape Town To Johannesburg via Bloemfontein
Makalala Trans Bus Ticket Prices, Timetable and Schedule

Provinces Where Makalala Trans Bus Operates

Makalala Trans Bus operates in the following provinces within South Africa:

  • Eastern Cape
  • Free State
  • Gauteng
  • Western Cape

Cities Under Each Province That Makalala Trans Buses Ply

Province: Eastern Cape 

  • Cradock
  • Graaff-Reinet 
  • Aberdeen
  • Port Elizabeth 
  • Lady frere 
  • Cala 
  • Ugie
  • Maclear 
  • Mount Fletcher 
  • Matatiele 
  • Kokstad 
  • Mount elif 
  • Mount frere
  • Qumbu 
  • Tsolo
  • East London 
  • Queenstown 
  • Umtata 
  • Ngcobo
  • Butterworth 
  • Tsomo 
  • Cofimvaba
  • Nqamakwe 
  • Idutywa
  • Aliwal North
  • Startem 
  • King Williams town
  • Cathcart 
  • Grahamstown 
  • Peddie 
  • Takerstard 

Province: Gauteng

  • Richmond total garage 
  • Sasol Vereeniging 
  • Johannesburg Park station 
  • Pretoria Bosman
  • Eastern Cape 

Province: Western Cape

  • Joe Gqabi 
  • Cape Town Station
  • Belleville  Bus Station
  • Paarl shell Garage 
  • Wooster Windmill Mall 
  • Tous Rivier Bonjour Garage
  • Dedorance Engen Garage
  • Lawrenceburg Shell Garage 
  • Beaufort Bonjour Garage
  • Gauteng 

Makalala Trans Bus Fleet Line

From sophistication to convenience, Makalala Trans Bus boasts a fleet of modern luxurious vehicles structured and designed to address the demanding needs of passengers for daily transit. 

Makalala Trans Bus has one 22-seater minibus and two luxury coaches. The company also has quite a number of minibus taxis. 

Some of the features of the luxury coaches include charging ports to keep your devices charged during transit, onboard entertainment to keep you entertained, onboard restrooms to keep you convenient while traveling, adjustable seats suited for any position you want to travel in, air-conditioning system to keep you feeling refreshed throughout the trip and reading lights for passengers who prefer to read while traveling. 

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The buses also feature storage facilities to keep your luggage whilst traveling. This allows for convenient travel without the stress of worrying about where to keep your luggage during the trip. Check out Mkombe Luxury Bus Contact, Services, Bookings and Ticket Prices

Makalala Trans

Services Offered By Makalala Trans Bus 

Makalala Trans Bus offers a wide range of services. These services are: 

  • Intercity Bus Transportation: Makalala Trans Bus offers interstate bus transportation within South Africa. The company conveys passengers from one city in South Africa to another using roads as the means of transport. 
  • Supply Chain Services: Makalala Trans Bus offers supply and logistics services. From courier services and timely, urgent deliveries to deliveries that do not require urgency, Makalala Trans is ready to serve you. The company also handles distribution of documents and non-document parcels. With Makalala Trans, you’re able to effectively distribute the invitation to your luncheon, wedding, product launch or even conference, name any event, to different individuals timely and promptly. 
  • Construction Services: From the first point of drawing a plan for your intended building to the finish point of roofing the building, Makalala Trans is ready to serve your construction purposes. With Makalala Trans, you’re matched with a team of experts ready to meet your construction demands. Whether it’s a home, road rehabilitation or even hiring a building contractor, Makalala Trans should be your go-to for any construction jobs. 
  • Funeral Insurance: Makalala Trans also offers funeral insurance for individuals and even families. So whether you’re a child or an adult, your funeral can be insured and covered fully by Makalala Trans. Easy payment is one of the features this service offers. 
  • Cleaning Services: Makalala Trans also offers cleaning services to individuals. This service is divided into three: specialized, residential and commercial cleaning services. Whatever your cleaning needs may be, Makalala Trans is here to serve you. 
Makalala Trans Bus Contact

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Makalala Trans operate outside South Africa?
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No. The Makalala Trans Bus company only operates within South African cities. Soon, hopefully, the company will expand its operations to include other African countries. 

  • What services does Makalala Trans offer? 

Makalala Trans offers 5 different services which are transportation, supply chain services, funeral insurance, cleaning services and construction services. All these have been explained earlier in this article. 

  • How can I book a Makalala Trans Bus ticket? 

To book a Makalala Trans Bus ticket, kindly visit the official website of this company, Alternatively, please call any of the numbers listed above or send them an email to find out how. The email address has been provided earlier in this piece. 

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