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Kigali Bus Services, Booking, Contacts, Ticket Prices And Routes 

Kigali bus services started its operation in 2009 with 20 Toyota coaches but has expanded its services and is now one of the largest public transport companies in Rwanda today.

The transport company has a vision to be the benchmark of quality passenger transport systems in East Africa.

The bus company has embarked on over a hundred thousand trips, has a staff base of 150+, 140+ vehicles and partners with about 20 notable companies in Rwanda.

Kigali Bus services Contact Details

The bus company’s customer care is available to assist you with any issues you might face whilst travelling with Kigali bus service. You can contact the customer care team via the following means;

You can also reach out to the transport company via the following; 

You can Book Kigali Bus Service tickets by reaching out to any of the contacts above or visiting

Kigali Bus Services KBS

Kigali Bus Services Fleet Line

Though Kigali bus services started small, it now has a fleet line of over 150 modern urban city buses and 7 modern coaches.

The vehicles are equipped with the following modern standards;

  •  Escape Hatches
  • Emergency Exit windows
  • EURO II & EURO III Emission standards
  • Security Cameras
  • LED Destination displays
  • Automatic Gearboxes for a smoother ride

Kigali Bus Services Major Routes

The bus company provides daily transport services from Monday to Friday. The bus company provides its daily transport services from 6am to 11pm. The major routes plied by the company within Rwanda are discussed below;

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  • Rubirizi to downtown
  • Kibaya to Kanombe Airport- Downtown 
  • Musave to Ndera
  • Masaka to Remera
  • Kabunga bus part to Remera
  • Kibaya to Kanombe 
  • Kibaya to Chez Lando
  • Kibaya to Kicukiro
  • Remera to Downtown
  • Rubirizi to Remera taxi park
KBS Ticket Booking

Services Rendered by Kigali Bus Company

The bus company aims at providing the following services to their clients

  • Customer satisfaction & interaction:(customers can use our website blog or email us at customer services)
  • Competitive prices using the smart card daily, weekly or monthly pass
  • The right transport for the passengers
  • Employee satisfaction and fair wages
  • Capacity building incentives
  • The right attitude, culture and full support of the employees
  • Technology

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What are Kigali bus services smart cards?

The smart card is a ticketing system that helps passengers travel with the buses with cashless payment. You cannot travel without a valid Tap&Go smart card.

  • What technology does Kigali Bus service implement? 

All the buses are equipped with 4g routers in order to keep passengers connected throughout the trips.

  • What type of buses does Kigali Bus Services have in its fleet? 

The transport company’s fleet is made up of luxurious Yutong and Zonda buses that transport people across various states in the country.

Kigali Bus Services Booking


Kigali bus services is known and widely patronised for its luxurious trips at affordable prices. The bus company takes advantage of today’s technology to provide seamless booking and cashless trips to its passengers. 

Though the bus company cutee operates only in Rwanda, it is working on expanding its services to Tanzania. Remember to use our Tpchecker Transport Checker Tool to confirm the price of your trip. 

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