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Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact Number, Price, Reviews

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The Tourliner Luxury Bus is a transport agency created to cater to the needs of explorers and sightseers. It operates in the South African region and transports tourists across the various scenic locations in the city. South Africa is a beautiful city with mesmerizing beaches, astonishing mountains passes, stunning parks among others. 

The Tourliner Luxury Bus ensures customers enjoy maximum luxury and comfort whilst viewing these pleasant sights. The company has a fleet of luxury coaches that make sightseeing more convenient and satisfactory.

The state of the art luxury vehicles equipped with air conditioning, padded seats, on board toilets, video and and audio systems, makes the tourism experience worthwhile and a popular choice for your needs in the country.

In this piece, we’d discuss the Tourliner Luxury Bus contact, ticket prices, routes, travel schedule and services offered to the public.

Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact, Services, Bookings
Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact

Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact Number

You can book a ride with Tourliner via any of the following means:

  • Headquarters: Tourliner Luxury Bus, Cnr Staal &Research Road, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Telephone number 1: +27 21 380 4477
  • Telephone number 2: +27 21 380 4400

Tourliner Luxury Bus Fleet Line

The Tourliner luxury bus has a large fleet of vehicles, ranging from the 36 seater to 60 seater buses. This is to cater for the needs of both small and large tourist groups.

The luxurious buses are duly equipped with air conditioning, video and audio entertainment systems , reclining seats with belt, toilet facilities, arm rests, USB charging ports, over head reading lights amongst others. 

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Whilst promoting luxury, the transport company also prioritizes the safety of its passengers. The buses are equipped with satellite tracking, driver screening and monitoring. The company also has its workshop where buses are regularly checked and maintained to ensure safety on the road.

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Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact and Services
Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact

Tourliner Luxury Bus Ticket Prices

Tourliner’s ticket prices are dependent on the location of the sights to be seen, duration of the trip (back and forth) and how many people are booking together (as tour group prices are relatively cheaper to individual tickets prices).

Tourliner Luxury Bus Routes

As stated earlier, Tourliner Luxury bus is not a daily transportation company, rather a on demand tour company. Therefore, there are no specific routes to be taken. Tourist locations are dependent on the season, time of the year as well as tourists interest.

Services Rendered by Tourliner Luxury Bus 

The Tourliner Luxury Bus aims at providing top notch tour transport services to residents of South Africa. They provide this services to groups and individuals and affordable prices. Thus increasing tourism revenues in the country.

Their goal is to make accessible safe, luxurious, dependable and affordable road transport to South Africans regardless of their age, social class, gender and race.

As a Christian owned business, they not only focus of people carriage but see themselves as Carrie’s of the good news across the nation. Therefore, the business is conducted in tune to Christian beliefs and practices.

Tourliner Luxury Bus
Tourliner Luxury Bus Contact

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What is luxurious about a Tourliner Luxury Bus?
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Asides from the spacious seats within the large buses, all Tourliner luxury buses are equipped with padded reclining seats, television and audio entertainment systems, onboard toilet facilities, USB charging points and air conditioning. Thus, you will definitely enjoy comfort whilst travelling with Tourliner.

  • Does Tourliner Luxury offer daily transport services? 

Tourliner luxury bus offers only your services and does not engage in daily scheduled transport services.

  • Is the Tourliner Luxury Bus only for Christians?

Of course not, Tourliner tour rides are accessible to all. Though owned by a Christian, with Christianity’s practices being applied, passengers are not obligated to change their religions in order to enjoy luxury.

  • How can I get the Tourliner Luxury Bus contact details?

The Tourliner Luxury Bus contact details have been provided earlier in this article. Please see above for that information.

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