Mkombe Luxury Bus South Africa

Mkombe Luxury Bus Booking Contact and Time table

Mkombe Luxury Bus is one of the leading transport companies in South Africa. It offers professional and affordable transport services across Johannesburg, Lusaka, Nakonde, Tunduma, Dar es Salam, Harare and others. 

The company has expanded since its establishment as it spans over 10 countries, has various systems and strategic partners. They have the resources to deliver top notch services to their customers and they have never failed.

The company also employs dutiful, nice and efficient staff who ensure safety and comfort  whilst attending to all passengers with smiles on their faces.

The company is quite large and has a logistic business which specialises in a comprehensive range of logistic services and vehicle supply chain across Africa.

Mkombe Luxury Bus

Mkombe Luxury Bus Contact Number 

For bookings and enquiries, contact Mkombe Luxury Bus via any of the following means;

  • South Africa Head Office: 143, Pritchard street Johannesburg, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Tanzania Head office: Ubungo Business Park, Shekilango, Dar es salaam. 
  • Telephone number 1: +27 60 474 9717
  • Telephone number 2: +255 679956215

Mkombe Luxury Bus Schedule

The transport company specialises in the 3 day South Africa to Tanzania trip. Therefore the well timed bus schedule moves once a week. It departs South Africa on Friday and arrives in Tanzania on Monday. It also departs Dar – es- salam in Tanzania on Friday and arrives Johannesburg on Monday. Also, check the Tourliner Luxury Bus Schedule and Contact Info.

Mkombe Luxury Bus Routes

The company’s major route is the South Africa to Tanzania trip. However, other routes include:

  • Johannesburg To Dar es salaam Via Lusaka, Nakonde and Tunduma
  • Johannesburg To Harare via Mesina border
  • Johannesburg To Bulawayo via Francis town
  • Johannesburg To Gaborone via Ramatlabama
  • Johannesburg To Kasumbalesa via Ndola-Kitwe
  • Dar-es-salaam To Kampala via Nairobi
Mkombe Luxury Bus Contact and Services

Mkombe Luxury Bus Ticket Price

The transport company doesn’t have an established  ticket price as they are subject to change based on the economic situation and time of the year. However , it’s basic South Africa to Tanzania trip costs about Tshs 250000 or 2500 South African Rands.

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Mkombe luxury Bus Fleet Line 

The Mkombe Luxury Bus company is a rather large logistics company that also engages in the sales of vehicles, which as expected, results in them using state of the art coaches for passenger transportation.

Their luxurious fleet of coaches provides passengers with a satisfactory travel  experience between South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Gambia. 

The buses are equipped with 2 by 2 reclining seats, air conditioners, Arm rests, overhead reading lights as well as overhead luggage compartments.

Some of the amenities which exude luxury include; on board toilet, Free Wi-Fi, Television, sound system, to ensure long journeys are enjoyable to the passengers.

Mkombe Luxury Bus Contact

Mkombe Luxury Bus Service Line

The transport company offers passenger transport from South Africa to Zambia, Tanzania and Zimbabwe at affordable prices and strict schedules.

They also engage in package logistics and transport it across cities at affordable rates.

The company has consistently offered and maintained quality transportation services making it a lead player in the South African-Tanzanian travel industry. 

The longest journey the company embarks on is the South Africa to Tanzania trip. It takes about 3 days but passengers are adequately catered for during the journey. Tickets can be booked by contacting the company’s contact number, visiting the headquarters in both cities or any of their bus stations.

Mkombe Luxury

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How does Mkombe Luxury Bus entertain passengers on the 3 day trip?

Mkombe luxury bus specialises in a 3 day long journey from South Africa to Tanzania and vice versa. Thus, to keep passengers entertained, the coaches are equipped with amenities such as television, sound system, free Wi-Fi and an onboard toilet.

  • What is the bus Schedule for the Tanzania to South Africa trip?
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Mkombe Luxury Bus embarks on the 3 day trip every Friday and gets to the destination by Monday Afternoon.

  • Can I book a ticket with Mkombe Luxury Bus?

Of course you can. You can reach out to the company via any of the contact means stated above to book your tickets.

  • Does Mkombe Luxury bus have an online presence? 

Yes, the luxurious bus company is very active on instagram. Their handle is mkombeluxury, and they drop pictures and updates about upcoming trips and discount offers. Be sure to check them out.

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