Graca Luxury Tours Contact Details, Ticket Prices, Timetable, and Reviews

Graca Luxury Tours Contact Number, Prices

Interested in the Graca Luxury Tours contact or ticket prices? You’ve come to the right place. Graca Luxury Tours is a black-owned South African bus transportation company that was founded in 1991. 

This company has a vision to to be amongst the acknowledged leaders and services within the African continent. The company also has a mission to provide customer-friendly public bus transport within Limpopo. 

Graca Luxury Tours provides intercity transportation between different South African cities as well as cross-border transportation between South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

This company caters for the less privileged or disadvantaged individuals as it was founded by previously disadvantaged persons. Amongst its objectives is to provide convenient public transportation for individuals in South Africa with disabilities. 

Graca Luxury Tours Contact
Graca Luxury Tours Contact

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Graca Luxury Tours contact including its services, the routes the company plies, how to book tickets, ticket prices and how to get in touch with any of their representatives. Please read on to learn more. 

Graca Luxury Tours Contact Details 

To get in touch with Graca Luxury Tours, please use any of the details provided below: 

  • Telephone Number 1: 082-843-2592
  • Telephone Number 2: 076-857-0792
  • Telephone Number 3: 011-078-7272

Want to visit them instead? Use the address below. 

  • Address: 253 Main Street, Fordsburg Cross border, Municipal Bus Rank, South Africa.

Graca Luxury Tours Ticket Prices 

Currently, there’s no available price list for Graca Luxury Tours. However, you may find out the cost of your trip by either placing a call through to the customer service representatives using the number provided above or by making attempts to book a ticket online using Checkmybus or JustGo. 

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Graca Luxury Tours Services

Graca Luxury Tours offers a number of services, from public intercity bus transportation within South Africa to cross-border bus transportation between South Africa and Zimbabwe. 

The company offers reliable transport services and is trusted by many. Graca Luxury Tours puts individuals with disabilities in mind, creating space to accommodate them and make travel easy and convenient for them. 

Graca Luxury Coaches
Graca Luxury Tours Contact

Graca Luxury Tours Routes and Schedule 

The transportation company plies the following routes: 

Departure: 14:00 Daily

  • Johannesburg, South Africa – Beitbridge, Zimbabwe 
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – Masvingo, Zimbabwe 
  • Johannesburg, South Africa- Mutare / Rusape, Zimbabwe 
  • Johannesburg, South Africa – Harare, Zimbabwe 
  • Johannesburg, South Africa- Gokwe, Zimbabwe 

Departure: 11:00 Daily

  • Beitbridge, Zimbabwe – Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • Masvingo, Zimbabwe – Johannesburg, South Africa 
  • Mutare/Rusape, Zimbabwe – Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Harare, Zimbabwe – Johannesburg, South Africa
  • Gokwe, Zimbabwe – Johannesburg, South Africa.

Who Can Hire Graca Luxury Tours Buses?

Graca Luxury Tours offers private hire services. You can hire them or travel publicly with them. Below are the categories of individuals that can travel with Graca Luxury Tours. Please note that this list is not limited to those mentioned. 

  • Church groups
  • Corporate groups
  • Daily Customers
  • Local touring groups
  • Monthly Customers
  • Private groups.
  • Sport groups
  • School groups
  • Weekly Customers
Graca Luxury Tours Contact
Graca Luxury Tours Contact

Graca Luxury Tours Fleet Line 

Graca Luxury Tours has a fleet of modern sophisticated vehicles, tailored to meet the rising demands of modern-day transport. These vehicles cater for the needs of all passengers. 

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The company also places special preference on disadvantaged individuals and caters for their travel needs by providing facilities suitable for them to make their journey enjoyable and convenient. 

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Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is Graca Luxury Tours only for disadvantaged persons?

No, Graca Luxury Tours is for everyone. However, it makes room for disadvantaged persons by providing facilities or amenities that will make travel convenient and enjoyable for them. 

  • How can I travel with Graca Luxury Tours?

This is an easy process. Simply visit any of the online ticket booking platforms like JustGo or Checkmybus for that. You can also buy tickets at the bus terminals just before your trip. The prices are very much affordable. 

  • Does Graca Luxury Tours only operate within South Africa?

No, Graca Luxury Tours operates between South Africa and Zimbabwe and provides cross-border transport between the two countries. 

  • How can I get in touch with the company?

The address to the company’s head office, as well as their email address and their telephone numbers have all been provided earlier in this article. Please refer above for that information. 

Graca Luxury Tours Contact Details, Ticket Prices, Timetable, and Reviews
Graca Luxury Tours Contact

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