Cost of Painting Or Repainting Cars in Nigeria

Cost of Painting Or Repainting Cars in Nigeria (2024)

What is the cost of painting or repainting cars? Painting and spraying cars are popular and normal in the automobile community and circles of car users. Repainting or repainting cars has a way of giving an aging car a good and appealing appearance. It is a part of car maintenance because vehicles need to wear a new look especially when their old look is wearing out. 

Painting and repainting Just like rebranding cars or buses is a very popular practice among vehicle users and we consider it important to talk about the price. Due to poverty and inadequate production, Nigerians engage in a long use of cars or vehicles. Because of this, car painting or repainting becomes inevitable. 

In this post, we’ll discuss the cost of painting or repainting cars or vehicles in Nigeria 

Cost of Painting or Repainting of Cars

In Nigeria, it costs an average of N100,000 to paint, repaint or spray a car in Nigeria. Also, the cost of repainting cars is solely dependent on the type of car paint to be applied, the equipment to be used, and the experts offering the service. 

Some advanced car repainting outlets charge high fees for vehicle painting, repainting, and spraying. However, less advanced car painters can be found at all corners of Nigerian Cities. 

Car painters or sprayers can charge between N30,000 to N50,000 for painting or repainting cars in Nigeria. The cost of vehicle painting and Repainting in advanced painting outlets can be between N100,000 to N200,000. 

The choice of either an advanced painter or a less advanced car painter is dependent on the vehicle user and their budget. Recently, painting and repair of cars in Nigeria is now very expensive and that’s not what it used to be. 

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You should also note that the cost of repainting cars is also determined by the size of the vehicle. Vehicles of big sizes like SUVs, Buses, and family cars might cost a higher price for painting compared to smaller-sized cars. This is because of the volume of paints to be used and the hours of labor to be spent while painting the cars. 

Factors to Consider When Painting or Repainting Cars in Nigeria

The following include the factors you should consider before taking your car for painting or repainting in Nigeria. 

Paint only when the body is in perfect condition:

you must paint or repaint your car when they are devoid of rust, or a broken body. The bodywork must be neatly done before the painting or repainting is done in your car. 

Prioritize using mechanized car painters:

You must patronize advanced or mechanized car painters or repainting outlets. These professionals Use the Best paint brands and give the best car painting in Nigeria through the use of machines. 

The budget is still important in vehicle painting:

Deciding the best car painting outlet to use is dependent on your budget. Despite all odds, some roadside painters are good at what they do and their service is cost-friendly too. 


Painting or repainting your car is something you’re likely to do when your car has been in use for a very long time and you still want to use it more. It all boils down to you getting the best car painting or repainting outlets. 

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