Cost of Branding Cars

Cost of Branding Cars, Buses, and Trucks in Nigeria (2024)

This article comprises the cost of branding cars, buses, and Trucks in Nigeria. Currently, branded vehicles are one of the most strategic and cost-effective marketing instruments that allow businesses to go public. These branded buses make a lasting first impression on clients, customers, or potential clients. 

The branding of Cars, Buses, and Trucks all depends on what the business owner wants and the price it’ll go for. Branding of buses is done so that people can see these businesses and register them in their subconscious minds. 

Also, the branding of vehicles also helps to improve the corporate image of a business organization. Vehicle branding helps you to create awareness for the general audience. Motor branding can be described as a moving billboard that advertises your product or your business.

Branding cars is a cost-effective method of outdoor advertising. It exposes your business and brand to the world. It offers brand consistency, and ensures local targeting which increases the awareness of where your business is situated.

Branding of your vehicles offers you a fixed advertising cost to get your business to the world. Once your vehicle is branded, it helps to protect the paint of your vehicle and preserve the market value of your vehicle. Your vehicle still looks new even regardless of how long you’ve been using it. 

In addition to the above-stated benefits of branding cars, buses, and Trucks, the vehicles are known to instill a sense of Company pride among staff and workers.

When you want to brand your car, it’s important you note that the cost of branding depends on the colours and images to be branded as well as the type of vehicle to be branded be it Car, bus, or truck. Branding of vehicles in Nigeria could either be full vehicle branding or partial vehicle branding.

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Having said all this, the next question to ask is the cost of vehicle branding in Nigeria today. 

Cost of Branding Cars, Buses, and Trucks in Nigeria

The major discourse in this article is about the cost of branding vehicles in Nigeria. Also, different types of vehicles and the price of branding them will be talked about. Below is the price list of branding and customizing vehicles in Nigeria. Here we’ll talk about different types of vehicle brands. They are:

  • Full Wrap Vehicle Branding
  • Partial Wrap Vehicle Branding
  • One-Way Vision Vehicle Branding
  • Basic Spot Vehicle Branding
  • Spot Graphics Vehicle Branding

Full Wrap Vehicle Branding

This type of car branding entails branding the entire part of your vehicle. It is the most popular and expensive vehicle brand in Nigeria. The full Wrap branding costs between N70,000 to N80,000. 

The wrapping material is produced to bend and shape around the curves and contours of your vehicle. It has an extra adhesive with a 7-years warranty. 

Partial Wrap Vehicle Branding

Partial wraps focus on the central portions of the vehicle like the bonnet, sides, and boots. It covers anywhere from one-quarter to three-quarters of the car. These wraps enable you to incorporate the original colour of the car into your design. It costs between the price range of N50,000 to N60,000. 

These wraps are cheaper than full Wrap Vehicle Branding and they are much easier to change if you need to update your marketing messages. 

One Way Vision Vehicle Branding

This is a window graphic made from perforated Vinyl film. This type of branding allows you to see out of your vehicle while passersby can only see the advertisement on your vehicle.  The price of one-way Vision Vehicle Branding ranges from N18,000 to N20,000. 

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Basic Spot Vehicle Branding

Basic spot vehicle branding is mostly targeted at a spot on the vehicle which is always at the front door or the body of the vehicle. In Nigeria today, the price ranges from between N25,000 to N30,000. 

Spot Graphics Vehicle Branding

Spot Graphics Vehicle branding involves branding more than one spot on a vehicle. On average, the price ranges from between N45,000 to N60,000. 

Best Branding Companies in Lagos

The following entails the list of vehicle wrapping/branding and printing companies in Lagos City. Be in the know that these companies offer quality service and their services are relatively cheap. 

  • Haz-Ken Digital
  • Lexoft Media Limited
  • Eloquent Touch Media
  • Digi Butterfly
  • Brandless


The above contains the cost of branding cars, buses, and trucks in Nigeria as of today. You’re also exposed to the different vehicle wraps. Before you go check out the Cost of Painting or Repainting a Car in Nigeria.

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