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Upendo Bus Online Booking, Contact Details, Ticket Prices and Timetable

Upendo Bus travellers coach is also known as Budget Movers Company limited. It is one of Tanzania’s most popular transport companies. It has been in the road transport industry for over 20 years consistently transporting passengers and parcels within the country.

The company started out as a passenger transport company but expanded its services to cargo transfer in 2007, hence the change of name.

The company has its head office and major terminals in Iringa from which it departs to most of its destinations. Upendo bus company also has branch offices in Mbeya and Njombe as well as a maintenance yard in Ubungo to service its large vehicle fleet.

Upendo Bus Tanzania

Upendo Bus Ticket Booking 

Tickets can be booked by visiting any of the bus company’s terminals on the day of departure. You can also book the tickets by placing a call through any of the contact numbers listed below.

You can also check out the price of your ticket with this company using our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool.

Upendo Bus Company’s Contact Details 

You can reach out to Upendo bus company’s customer support team via the following means;

  • Head office: P.O.Box 723, Iringa, Tanzania.
  • Dar es Salaam office: P.O.Box 762168, Dar es Salaam, Ubungo External.
  • Phone number 1: +255 756 709 111
  • Phone number 2: +255 657 580 586
Upendo Bus online booking

Upendo Bus Company’s Fleet Line 

The bus company provides both passenger and parcel transfer services, thus it has different vehicles to suit each service. 

The passenger transfer fleet consists of over 40 buses with brand names to suit a particular destination. They include;

  • Budget coach is reserved for Mbeya and Dodoma routes
  • Moving star is for the Tunduma routes
  • White star is for the Mtwara routes
  • Lucky time is for the Iringa routes.
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The fleet consists of mini buses and main coaches; the mini buses are for short distance trips from Iringa to nearby towns whilst the coaches are for long distance trips.

The main coaches are of the Scania bus models and Chinese Higer bus models. The mini buses are of the Fuso Bus model.

Some features available on the main coaches include;

  • Air conditioning services 
  • 2 by 2 reclining seats
  • Television services 
  • Modern sound system 

Upendo bus company’s cargo fleet is made up of over 60 trucks with trailers; semi trailers and pulling.

Upendo Bus Company’s Major Routes 

Upendo Transport company operates its transport along the following routes;

  • Iringa to Dar es Salaam
  • Iringa to Mbeya
  • Iringa to Dodoma
  • Iringa to Tunduma
  • Dar es Salaam to Njombe
  • Dar es Salaam to Mafinga
Upendo Bus ticket prices

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What can I carry via the cargo transportation? All heavy parcels and equipment can be transported via Upendo’s cargo trailers. For instance, a family planning on moving might require the services to transport their furniture or to pull their vehicles.
  • Are Upendo cargo rates affordable? Rates are charged on the size and weight of the parcels to be transported.
  • Are upendo bus company’s mini buses different from the main coaches? Asides the difference in size, the mini buses are suitable for short distance trips whilst the coaches are suitable for long distance trips, hence the various comfort features embedded in them.
  • What is the bus company’s major route? Upendo buses majorly travel the Iringa to Dar es Salaam route.


Upendo Bus company specialises in passenger and parcel transfer services with daily departures in towns and cities where their buses are headed. They provide their services with mini buses, main coaches and trucks. The service rates are fairly affordable and suitable to satisfy passengers and ensure their comfort.

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