Translux Bus Bookings

Translux Bus Bookings, Contact Number, Ticket Prices, and Times

Translux bus bookings, ticket prices, contact details, and much other important information about the South African company are what you will find in this article. Previously we wrote about Eldo Coaches bus bookings and ticket prices, today, we will be taking a look at Translux bus bookings, ticket prices, and so many other important details.

Before we review the Translux bus bookings ticket prices and times, let us take a look at the services rendered by the company.

About Translux Bus Company

Being one of the popular bus companies in South Africa, Translux bus company transport passengers from one city and province to another. Apart from transporting passengers to over 100 destinations in South Africa, the bus company also plies major routes in Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and other countries.

Some of the Translux bus routes and provinces plied by the company include Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Limpopo, Pretoria, Bloemfontein, and so on.

With both the double and single-decker buses used by the company, they offer safe and comfortable transport services for passengers. The buses are equipped with air conditioners, toilet facilities, screens, and music players for comfort. Also, the buses have reclining seats for relaxation during the journey. Therefore, making the buses conducive for long and short journeys.

Translux bus company renders charter services for different events, trips, and tours. Apart from city-to-city transportation, Translux rents its luxury buses for business trips, leisure tours, and so on. Do you want to learn how to perform Translux bus bookings for your trips? Below are the different ways you can perform Translux bus bookings.

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Translux Bus Ticket Bookings and Tips

To access any services rendered by the Translux bus company, you need to book a ticket for your journey. You can book Translux tickets online or call their customer representative through the below-mentioned means.

1. Translux Online Bus Bookings

As mentioned above, Translux bus company is one of the popular bus companies in South Africa that allow the booking of tickets online. Do you want to book a ticket for your trip, visit the Translux website at

2. Via Translux Contact Number

Another means of booking a Translux bus ticket is by calling the Translux customer care number. You can book a ticket today by calling Translux phone number 0861-589-282

3. Through Travel Agents

Many passengers book their tickets through a traveling agent instead of the company. It is allowed by the company so far you book with a recognized agent. Looking for a travel agent to book with, scroll down the article to find the list of recognized travel agents to buy Translux bus tickets from.


  • Booking a ticket via the Translux website automatically gives you a 5% discount on your bus ticket price for an average passenger.
  • While an adult over 60 years upon presentation of an ID card or passport confirming the date of birth qualifies for a 10% discount.
  • Canceling of Translux bus tickets needs to be done at least 48 hours before departure for refunds to be given. Also, it should be done where the ticket was booked.

Translux Ticket Prices and Times

Now that we have shown how to book a ticket for your ride, below are the estimated Translux ticket prices and the times the buses plied the routes.

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  • Traveling from Cape Town to East London takes close to 14 hours of journey. Translux bus ticket prices per seat for this route are between R 350 to R 440
  • While traveling from Cape Town to Johannesburg is a 17 hour’s journey and Translux bus ticket prices for the route are between R 399 to R 780
  • Translux bus ticket price from Pretoria to Durban is between R 230 to R 380 and it is an 8-hour journey
  • Also, the Translux bus ticket price from Cape Town to Durban is R730
  • While traveling from Johannesburg to Durban will take around 8 hours after paying for a ticket price of R 260.

Note: The above-mentioned Translux ticket prices are just estimates for you to have an idea of the price. The price may be lesser or higher depending on the company. We advised you to reach out to the company before preparing for your journey.

Translux Bus Stations and Agencies in South Africa

As mentioned earlier, you can walk into any of the closest Translux bus stations to you to book a ticket or call an agent for your ticket.

Translux Bus Stations

1. Johannesburg Station
Physical Address: Park City Transit Centre, Johannesburg Station

2. Durban Station
Physical Address: Jelf Taylor Crescent, Mashabalala Yengwa Avenue

3. Pretoria Station
Physical Address: Scheiding St, Pretoria, 2001, South Africa, Pretoria Station
Translux Contact Number: 12 315 2566

Translux Agencies

1. Eastern Cape in East London Station
Contact: 043 700 1015

2. East London Windmill
Contact: 043 743 7893

3. King Williams Town
Contact: 043 643 4163

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4. Mthatha
Contact: 047 531 0875

5. Queenstown
Contact: 045 808 2065

6. Port Elizabeth
Contact: 041 392 1304

7. Free State, Bloemfontein
Contact: 051 408 4888

8. Gauteng, Johannesburg
Contact: 011 773 8056

9. Pretoria
Contact: 012 315 3476

10. KwaZulu-Natal, Durban
Contact: 031 361 7670

11. Pietermaritzburg
Contact: 033 345 0165

12. Limpopo, Mokopane
Contact: 015 491 8457

13. Polokwane
Contact: 015 295 5548

14. Mpumalanga, Nelspruit
Contact: 013 755 1453

15. Western Cape, Cape Town
Contact: 021 449 6209

16. George
Contact: 044 801 8282

17. Knysna
Contact: 044 382 1407

Final Thoughts on Translux Bus Bookings, Contact Number, and Others

Translux bus company is one of the best bus companies that put customer safety and comfortability into consideration. The prices are quite affordable and you get to enjoy your journey with their luxurious buses. Do you have any questions concerning services rendered by Translux bus company, you can contact them via the following ways.

Translux Bus Contact Details

Head Office: ADT House, Ring Rd, Port Elizabeth, 6059, South Africa
E-mail: [email protected]
Contact: 011 774 8304

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