Tahmeed Coach online booking

Tahmeed Coach Online Booking, Contact, And Prices 

The Tahmeed Coach online booking methods, contact details, price list and every other information have all been provided in this article.

Tahmeed Coach is another company that not only focuses on residents of Kenya alone but also extends its operation to neighboring East African countries including Tanzania and Uganda. With a mission to provide accessible, comfortable and affordable transportation for all, Tahmeed Coach has consistently served as a model for other transportation companies in East Africa and has become an industry name today. 

Tahmeed Coach offers a number of services across the countries it has its operations in. The company’s vehicles are also designed to address the pressing needs of every passenger during any trip. With this in mind, Tahmeed Coach is definitely one of the best transport companies in Kenya and is a go-to for any trip you intend to take. 

In this piece, we’ll thoroughly review the in and out of Tahmeed Coach, leaving no stone unturned. We’ll cover the Tahmeed Coach online booking methods and procedures, the contact numbers and addresses, the routes the company plies regularly, the services offered by the company that you can take advantage of and some of the most frequently asked questions about Tahmeed Coach. Please read on to learn more about this company. 

Tahmeed Coach Mombasa Kenya Uganda Tanzania
Tahmeed Coach Online Booking

Tahmeed Coach Contact Details 

To visit or get in touch with Tahmeed Coach, please use any of the details below: 


  • Address 1: Ground Floor, Zahra Building, River Rd, Nairobi
  • Address 2: Mapipa, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Telephone Numbers 

  • Telephone 1: +254729356561
  • Telephone 2: +255685242288
  • Telephone 3: +255-787-247585
  • Telephone 4: 0729356561
  • Telephone 5: 0207608100
  • Telephone 6: +254706445114
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Email Address: [email protected]

Tahmeed Coach Routes

The major routes plied by Tahmeed Coach in Kenya are: 

  • Nairobi – Mombasa
  • Nairobi – Kampala
  • Nairobi – Dar Es Salaam
  • Mombasa – Dar Es Salaam
  • Mombasa – Malaba
  • Mombasa – Kitale
Tahmeed Coach Price List
Tahmeed Coach Online Booking

Tahmeed Coach Online Booking 

Take advantage of the Tahmeed Coach online booking of tickets today by reading this section. 

Please note that to travel with Tahmeed Coach to any location, you need a ticket. There are two ways to get tickets majorly, the Tahmeed physical booking method and the Tahmeed Coach online booking method. We’ll talk about the two methods. 

The Tahmeed Coach online booking method is the easiest and fastest method to book a ticket to travel with Tahmeed Coach. There are two ways to take advantage of the Tahmeed Coach online booking method. 

First is to buy a ticket on the company’s website (www.tahmeedexpress.com). To get a ticket on the website, click the website’s link and wait for the website to load. As soon as it finishes, you’ll see a drop-down menu requesting for details of your intended trip. Kindly fill in the details accurately, make payments (the payment methods are secure) and expect your ticket in your email. 

Another method of the Tahmeed Coach online booking is to download the company’s mobile application. Simply visit the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and search for Tahmeed Coach. Download the application, sign up or register with your details and fill in the necessary details required for the purchase of your ticket. Make payments securely and expect your ticket emailed to you. 

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To book physically, visit any of the addresses provided above and ask to speak with those in charge. You’ll be directed on what steps to take to book your ticket at any of the company’s terminals. Please note that this should be done prior and well before your intended date or time of travel to ensure that you’ll get space on the bus traveling when you want to travel. 

Tahmeed Coach online booking
Tahmeed Coach Online Booking

Tahmeed Coach Services

Tahmeed Coach engages in the business of transporting individuals from one location to the other in three major countries: Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The company ensures that each traveler gets the best value for their money and enjoys their trip. 

The company also offers charter services. This means that whether it’s for individual use or group use, you can hire a car or even a bus for yourself or a group of individuals for any occasion. The service is affordable and comfortable to take advantage of.

Tahmeed Coach Services
Tahmeed Coach Online Booking

Tahmeed Coach Fleet Line 

Tahmeed Coach features over 50 modern, plush, sophisticated vehicles tailored to meet the demands of every traveler. These vehicles and buses have, in them, quite a number of safety features to ensure the safety of passengers. 

The vehicles also feature a number of amenities suited specifically for the comfort of each traveler. These amenities include WiFi access, USB charging ports, reclining seats, onboard entertainment and many more. 

Tahmeed Coach Fleet Line
Tahmeed Coach Online Booking

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Tahmeed Coach only operate within Kenya? 

No. Tahmeed Coach extends its operations to other neighboring East African countries. These countries are Uganda and Tanzania. 

  • How can I travel with Tahmeed Coach? 
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You need to buy a ticket to travel with Tahmeed Coach. Details needed to buy a ticket have been provided above. Your takeoff station will be one of the addresses provided above too. 

  • How can I confirm the price of my trip with Tahmeed Coach?

You can do that using our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool. This tool provides information on transportation prices for every company you may have in mind. Alternatively, please place a phone call to any of their offices. The numbers have also been provided above. 

Tahmeed Coach
Tahmeed Coach Online Booking

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