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Sumry High Class Bus Online Booking, Contact Details, Ticket Prices And Timetable

Sumry High Class Bus was one of the largest road transport companies in Tanzania. The bus company was established about 25 years ago. The transport company delivered high quality services and was regarded as a great rival to the Scandinavia bus express, another notable bus company in Tanzania.

Sumry High Class Bus was popular for travelling across the Southern Tanzania routes especially Mbeya Region. The bus company ceased to render its services after 2015 due to several internal and external factors, the company’s buses were involved in severe road accidents. Whilst in operation, Sumry high class bus was one of the best road transport service providers in Tanzania.

In this article, we’ll expose you to the different things you need to know about the Sumry High Class Bus including its booking methods and procedures, contact details, travel schedule, address, ticket prices, routes, service offerings and we’ll also answer some of the most frequently asked questions about the company. 

Sumry High Class Bus Tanzania

Sumry High Class Bus Online Booking

Sumry High Class Bus tickets could be purchased by visiting any of the company’s bus terminals or by contacting the customer’s support team for further enquiries. The bus company offered student and family packages to its passengers.

Sumry High Class Bus Contact Details

Though it is popular knowledge that this transportation company had its head office in Mbeya, Tanzania, the exact location cannot be disclosed. This is because the company’s previous locations, email address and phone numbers became insignificant after its closure.

Sumry High Class Bus Fleet Line

As a large company, Sumry High Class Tanzania provided its transport services with state of the art vehicles. The buses were imported from Malaysia and driven by experienced drivers to ensure passengers safety.

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One notable feature of the Sumry High class fleet is that the buses were equipped with safety features such as Airbags, seatbelts, fire extinguishers amongst others.

The buses also had customised interiors with 2 by 2 reclining seats, air conditioning units, overhead luggage compartments as well as sound system for music and announcements.

The firm also provided its customer base with promotions and discounts whilst rendering its services at an already affordable rate.

Sumry High Class Bus ticket booking

Sumry High Class Bus Most Plied Routes

Sumry high class buses had a huge fleet of vehicles plying the following routes daily. They include;

  • Dar es Salaam to Mbeya
  • Dar es Salaam to Iringa
  • Dar es Salaam to Tunduma
  • Dar es Salaam to Songea
  • Dar es Salaam to Kyela
  • Dar es Salaam to Arusha via Moshi
  • Mbeya to Arusha via Chalinze

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What year did the Sumry High Class Tanzania cease its operations?

The popular transport company closed down in 2015

  • Why did the Sumry High Class bus cease its operations?

The bus company experienced some internal challenges which it refused to disclose to the public. The bus company’s vehicles were also involved in extreme road accidents.

Mbeya Express Bus is the child company of Sumry High Class. It started its operations just after the latter bus company closed down.

  • Is Sumry high class bus coming back into operation? 

Unfortunately, Sumry High class doesn’t plan on providing road transport services in Tanzania.

Sumry High Class Bus services


Sumry high class bus was notable for its good services, faithful workers as well as a swift customer support team. It also gained recognition in Tanzania for being a sponsor of sporting events and cultural organisations.

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