Prestige Shuttle online booking

Prestige Shuttle Online Booking, Contact, And Routes 

Interested in the Prestige Shuttle online booking procedures or contact details? You’ve come to the right place. 

Prestige Shuttle is one of the leading bus transportation companies in Kenya. The company plies major routes in Kenya including Nairobi, Kisumu, Kericho, Kakamega, Busia and some others. The company has also been in operation for a long time now and has become an industry name over the years. 

Prestige Shuttle boasts a fleet of modern, sophisticated and state-of-the-art vehicles and facilities readily available to satisfy the travel demands of their customers. The company also prides itself by following the traffic rules and regulations set aside by the National Transport and Safety Authority in Kenya. With these in mind, Prestige Shuttle is definitely a go-to for your travel demands. 

In this piece, we’ll go over the Prestige Shuttle online booking procedures, the routes the company plies regularly, how to contact them, the addresses to their terminals and we’ll also be answering some of the most frequently asked questions regarding this company. Please read on. 

Prestige Shuttle
Prestige Shuttle online booking

Prestige Shuttle Contact Details 

Below, you’ll find the address, telephone number and email address of Prestige Shuttle for the purpose of getting in touch with them to make enquiries or even a complaint. 

Prestige Shuttle Telephone Numbers

Nairobi/Nakuru Office0790491749
Nairobi/Kisumu Office0790358665
Kisumu Office0790491751
Nakuru Office0790491750
Prestige Shuttle contact details
Prestige Shuttle online booking

Prestige Shuttle Routes

Prestige Shuttle plies the following routes frequently:

  • Nairobi To Bumala
  • Nairobi To Busia
  • Nairobi To Kakamega
  • Nairobi To Kericho
  • Nairobi To Kisumu
  • Nairobi To Luanda
  • Nairobi To Maseno
  • Nairobi To Muhoroni
  • Nairobi To Nakuru
  • Nairobi To Ugunja
  • Nairobi To Yala
  • Nakuru To Busia
  • Nakuru To Kakamega
  • Nakuru To Kericho
  • Nakuru To Kisumu
  • Nakuru To Nairobi
Prestige Shuttle Price List
Prestige Shuttle online booking

Prestige Shuttle Online Booking 

To travel with Prestige Shuttle, you need a ticket. Now, there are three major ways to get your ticket to travel with this company. 

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First is the prestige Shuttle physical booking. This means you have to visit any of the Prestige Shuttle bus terminals to get your ticket to travel with them. 

The other method is the Prestige Shuttle online booking. To get yourself acquainted with the Prestige Shuttle online booking methods, this section is for you. You need to visit the Prestige Shuttle official website to get your ticket. As soon as you open their page, a drop-down menu will appear. You only need to fill in the necessary details and proceed to pay for the ticket. 

The third is the mobile code method. Simply dial *887# on your mobile phone and fill in the necessary details required. 

Prestige Shuttle service line
Prestige Shuttle online booking

Prestige Shuttle Service Line 

Prestige Shuttle offers a range of services to its customers. 

The first is bus transportation. The company conveys passengers from one location in Kenya to another. The company plies almost all the routes in Kenya. So if you’re looking for an affordable yet luxurious ride to another part of the country, Prestige Shuttle should be your go-to. 

Also, Prestige Shuttle offers logistics or courier services. Yes, the company also transports parcels and goods from one location in Kenya to another. Their delivery methods are safe, affordable and dependable and you can be sure that your parcel got to its destination at an affordable price, safely and just in time. 

Prestige Shuttle also offers car hire or rental services. This service allows you to hire a private car either for yourself or for an event that you’re organizing. You can also take advantage of their car rental services. Their drivers are well trained for just any purposes. 

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Prestige Shuttle online booking
Prestige Shuttle online booking

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does the Prestige Shuttle travel outside Kenya?

No, Prestige Shuttle only operates within Kenya, plying more than half of all major routes in Kenya. 

  • Can I send a parcel using the Prestige Shuttle?

Yes. This is one of the services that the company offers. Prestige Shuttle allows you to conveniently transport your parcel from your location to any other within Kenya at a pocket-friendly price. 

  • How can I contact the Prestige Shuttle?

The telephone numbers for some of their terminals have been provided above. Please see above for that.

  • What is the Prestige Shuttle price? 

There’s no fixed price for any trip with the Prestige Shuttle. You can confirm the price of your trip using our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool

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