Mulovhedzi Bus Service

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Contact Number, Prices

Mulovhedzi Bus Service is a South African transport company established on 14th October, 2005. It is popularly known as Mulovhedzi Transport service (MTS). It is a passenger transport service that operates mainly within South Africa.

The transport company has its headquarters in Johannesburg and engages in daily passenger transport. The company’s vehicles transports residents across various towns and cities safely and at affordable rates.

The company makes use of several types of vehicles for transportation; they include minibuses, coaches, that are suitable for both long and short distance trips. The vehicles are also equipped with amenities that make passengers comfortable during the duration of the trip.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Prices

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Contact Number 

For further enquiries, booking process, bus schedules and ticket prices, you can reach out to Mulovhedzi Bus by any of the following means;

  • Telephone number 1: +27 83 487 2085
  • Telephone number 2: +27 71 683 5436
  • Headquarters: Nosa 17 Landros Mare St, Pietersburg, Pietersburg, 0700, Limpopo

Services Offered By Mulovhedzi Bus Service

The Mulovhedzi Bus Service is prominent for its daily scheduled transport services across towns in South Africa. They offer safe, comfortable and reliable transport services to their customers.

They also offer a car hire service where passengers can rent the vehicles for their private use. Quotations and booking can be confirmed by reaching out to the company’s customer support team.

The daily scheduled bus trips can also be booked by contacting the customer care lines listed above.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Fleet Line 

The private and public transport company conducts its transport operations with different types of vehicles. Its fleet mainly consists of minibuses and coaches powered by Scania and MAN.

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The vehicles in the fleet are designed to suit needs of the passenger, I.e private vehicles have different interior designs to the daily public transport vehicles.

All Mulovhedzi vehicles are equipped with air conditioners, overhead lights and luggage compartments as well as 2 by 2 reclining seats.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service Routes

The company has no official release of its routes, however, it is known for daily transport from Johannesburg and surrounding areas to other towns within South Africa. Also check out Maluti Bus Service.

Mulovhedzi Bus Ticket Prices

The transport company is yet to release an official price list but you can be rest assured that their services are affordable. You can learn more about the prices of trips by contacting the customer care team.

Mulovhedzi Bus Service

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Is Mulovhedzi Bus Service luxurious? 

Though the company is not called luxurious, they offer luxurious transport services with their private charter. The vehicles are well equipped and with beautiful interior designs to give the passengers the feel of luxury.

  • Is Mulovhedzi Bus Service an international company? 

Unfortunately not, the Mulovhedzi bus company operates only within South Africa whilst providing top notch services.

  • How long has Mulovhedzi Bus company been in existence? 

Mulovhedzi bus company has been in operation for 18 years as it was established 14th October, 2005. The business has grown and expanded over the years. The transport services have also improved.

  • How do I book a ticket to travel with Mulovhedzi Bus Service? 

Simply visit any of their bus terminals to book your ticket. Alternatively, place a call to any of the numbers provided above to speak to their representatives who would then take you through the steps to book a ticket to travel with them. You may also choose to visit their headquarters. The address has been provided earlier in this piece. 

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