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Modern Coast Coaches, Kenya: Online Booking, Contact, And Prices 

Modern Coast Coaches is indeed a “modern” bus transportation company that is headquartered in Kenya, East Africa. This company has become a household name in the transportation industry in Kenya. Not only does Modern Coast Bus transport passengers from one city to another in Kenya, the company also transports passengers from Kenya to neighboring East African countries namely Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. 

Modern Coast Coaches is a luxury bus company. By leveraging on the latest advancements in technology, training and employing skilled workers, putting the best interest of clients at heart, and continuously enhancing their service offerings, this company has become a force to reckon with. The Modern Coast Bus provides safe, secure and dependable transportation within and outside Kenya in the countries named above. 

Want to know more about Modern Coast Coaches? Read on. In this piece, we’d discuss everything you need to know about this company, including how to contact them, how to travel with them, how to book your tickets, services the company offers, and most commonly asked questions about this company. 

Modern Coast online booking

Modern Coast Coaches Contact Details 

To get in touch with any of the Modern Coast Coaches customer care representatives, please use the following details:

Moshi Office+255783593330
Arusha Office+25578359400
Dar Es Salaam Office+255788621757
Ubungo Office in Dar Es Salaam+255713780756
Kariakoo Office in Dar Es Salaam+255657620985
Nairobi Office: Luther Plaza, 4th Floor, Nyerere / State House Road, Nairobi, Kenya+254717444460
Accra Road Office: Accra Rd, Nairobi, Kenya+254709463155

Locations Reached By Modern Coast Coaches 

Modern Coast Coaches plies a number of routes. In this section, you’ll find the common locations reached by this company.

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  • Dar es salaam To Arusha 
  • Dar es salaam To Nairobi 
  • Mombasa To Dar es salaam
  • Nairobi To Kigali
  • Nairobi To Kampala
  • Nairobi To Mombasa
  • Nairobi To Usenge
  • Nairobi To Busia
  • Nairobi To Kisumu
  • Nairobi To Homabay

Please note that these aren’t all the routes. To find out if the company runs along your intended travel route, please visit the company’s website to confirm that during the booking process. 

Modern Coast Kenya

Modern Coast Coaches Service Offerings 

What services does the Modern Coast Bus offer? You’ll find out here. 

Modern Coast Coaches is responsible for transporting individuals from one location to another, intercity or cross-border to other neighboring countries. The country invests in this service to ensure the safety of every traveler to and from every destination. Tracking devices as well as fleet management systems are installed in every vehicle belonging to this company to ensure safety of lives. 

The company also put into consideration individuals of different income levels. Thus, their buses have three classes; corporate class, business class and standard class. This is to accommodate the needs of even low-income earners. So whether you’re earning big or not, you have the opportunity to take advantage of the luxurious services provided by Modern Coast Coaches. The vehicles feature free WiFi, USB ports, tablets for each seat, onboard entertainment, and many more. 

Modern Coast Coaches also offers courier and logistics services. With Modern Coast, you’re able to safely and conductively transport your parcel from any location to any within its operating countries. 

Modern Coast ticket booking

Booking Tickets To Travel With Modern Coast Coaches 

For every journey you want to take with Modern Coast, you need a ticket. Now how do you get one? Keep reading. 

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Modern Coast Coaches, as earlier mentioned, leverages on the latest advancements in technology to ensure constant improvement of its services. Thus, the company has devised two different methods to get your ticket conveniently, while sitting, eating or even lying down, without leaving your home and in less than five minutes. 

First is the website booking. Yes, Modern Coast has a website. The address is All you need to do is visit this address. As soon as you visit the address, you’ll already see a form to fill as soon as it loads. Provide every information required of you, this is another way to confirm if the company runs through your destination. Then proceed to pay. The payment methods are secure, fast and reliable. 

Modern Coast ticket prices

Modern Coast Bus also has a mobile app, a testament to its commitment to leveraging the best technologies to make travel accessible, easier and faster for all. Simply go to your android’s Google Play Store or your Iphone’s Apple Store and search for “Modern Coast Coaches”. Yes, that’s the mobile app. Download it, sign up or register with your details and proceed to make your ticket purchase conveniently. 

Now if you’re not able to do any of the two mentioned above, we have provided you with the list of the offices where you can find representatives of this company. Please check above for that. Visit any of the addresses there and speak to them about what you want to do. 

Modern Coast services

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Modern Coast Coaches only operate within Kenya? 
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No, Modern Coast Coaches extends its services to other neighboring countries in East Africa. These countries are Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. 

  • How can I travel with Modern Coast Coaches?

Traveling with Modern Coast Coaches is very easy. You only need a ticket. You can get the ticket online via the company’s website or mobile app or physically via any of the company’s terminals. Details on how to do any of the three have been provided above. 

  • Can Modern Coast Coaches deliver my parcel? 

Yes. Modern Coast Coaches also offers logistics services. With Modern Coast, your parcel will reach its destination timely and safely. All you need do is make a phone call. 

  • I don’t earn much, can I still travel with Modern Coast Coaches? 

Yes. Modern Coast Coaches has you in mind. The company offers three different transport services for individuals. There’s the business class, the corporate class and the standard class. Each of these classes have different prices. Check out Randa Coach Kenya, another affordable transport company in Kenya.

Modern Coast Coaches Kenya

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