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Metro Mass Transit is one of the best bus transportation companies in Ghana. The company is a state owned transport company in Ghana. The company was established in 2004, to provide Ghanaian residents access to a smooth, safe and comfortable intercity transport system. 

The bus company’s establishment was championed by Ghana’s former President, H.E. John Agyekyum kuffour in 2001. He reintroduced the public mass transport stratum in the metropolitan and rural areas of Ghana. Thus, Metro Mass Transit (MMT) came into existence to make public transport accessible to all.

It offers a variety of services at very affordable prices. To experience the ultimate convenience and comfort, book your next trip with Metro Mass Transit.

Metro Mass Transit Online Booking

To enjoy the services rendered by MMT, you can either visit any of the bus company’s terminals or get your tickets online.

Here are a few steps to guide you in booking your tickets online;

  • Visit the company’s website at
  • Click on the ‘book an advance ticket’ icon.
  • Fill in your departure location, destination as well as date of your trip and search.
  • Click on the bus offer of your choice 
  • Proceed to check out option and provide your personal information such as email address, name e.t.c.
  • Pay for your trip, you get your ticket in your email.
Metro Mass Transit Bus

Metro Mass Transit Contact Details

For enquiries, or more information regarding the booking process, fares as well as services being rendered, reach out to MMT’s customer support team via any of the following ;

  • Head office: Kaneshie Awudome Road, Accra
  • Phone number: 0302 237539
  • Phone number: 0302 259015
  • Phone number: 0302 220157
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Metro Mass Service Line

Metro Mass service line offers a variety of services to Ghanaian residents, seeing as it was made to serve them. Those services include;

Intercity Bus Services 

This is the major service rendered by the transport company. It connects two cities extending over a 140 km distance and transports an average of six hundred thousand passengers every month.

Major routes plied include ; Kumasi to Safari Asawinso, Sunyani to Hamile, Cape Coast to Accra, Tamale to Kumasi, e.t.c 

Rural – Urban Bus Services 

This bus service plies rural to urban routes of distended between 40 – 139 km. This service came up with the need to open up rural areas, deprived regions,  for socio-economic activities. This service transports about 800 thousand passengers every month.

MMT Ghana

Metro Mass Transit Shuttle Service

This bus service travels medium distance trips of 25-100 km. It connects central bus removals to the city outskirts. Some of its plied routes include; Takoradi to Tarkwa, Obuasi to Kumasi, Winneba to Accra e.t.c.

Metro Mass Transit Bus Routes

The bus company travels across both urban and rural areas within Ghana. That is, it has numerous routes, some of which are;

  • Kumasi To Sefwi Asawinso
  • Sunyani To Hamile
  • Tamale To Accra
  • Bolgatanga To Accra
  • Wa To Accra;
  • Tamale To Kumasi
  • Accra To Ho
  • Cape Coast To Accra
  • Tema To Accra
  • Obuasi To Kumasi
  • Sunyani To Kumasi
  • Takoradi To Tarkwa
  • Swedru To Accra;
  • Winneba To Accra
Metro Mass Transit Ghana

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • What other services does Metro Mass Transit offer? 

Asides from the above, other services include; bus hiring services, parcel and luggage services, advertising space on vehicles and contract services.

  • When did Metro Mass see one come into existence?
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The MMT idea  arose in 2001, the bus company was founded in 2003 but started its operations in 2004.

  • Is the online booking system fully functional? 

Yes, it is. You can get your tickets by visiting the company’s official website at You can also check the booking guidelines stated above to make your booking process seamless.


Metro Mass Transit is one of the top providers of public transportation services to Ghanaian residents. It has a variety of fleets, suitable for different services, that transports over 500,000 passengers across the country daily. The bus company prides itself on being able to achieve its vision, which is to provide safe, affordable and reliable transportation that is in the interest of the citizens.

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