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Mash Poa East Africa Booking, Contact, And Prices

Mash Poa East Africa is one of the most popular bus transportation companies in Kenya. This company was founded in 2002 and has today, expanded on a large scale, offering long-distance luxury travel at affordable rates. Mash Poa East Africa not only serves its Kenyan residents but also extends to other parts of East Africa at large. 

Speaking of Mash Poa East Africa, did you know that the company constantly strives to better its service offerings and make them convenient to use for clients? It is no wonder that it has become one of the “best” in Kenya and East Africa at large, with people familiar with it and the company has now become an industry name. 

In this article, we’ll talk about everything you need to know about Mash Poa East Africa, including its online booking procedures, physical ticket booking procedures, addresses to all of its terminals, contact number to speak with any of the representatives, locations the buses ply on a daily, their travel schedule, the services the company offers and common questions asked by prospective travelers like yourself who intend to give this company a trial. 

Mash Poa ticket booking

Mash Poa East Africa Contact Details 

Find below, the contact numbers as well as the addresses and emails of Mash Poa East Africa, for your convenience: 


Call Centre

  • +254 730 889 000
  • +254 733 623 260
  • +254 736 500 863

Nyali Caravan

  • +254 723 463 685

Haile Selassie Caravan

  • +254 717 088 588

Parcel Office

  • +254 708 428 443

Makupa Office

  • + 254 701 775 666
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Main Office – Accra Road

  • +254 718 121 251
  • +254 733 929 626

Parcel Office Accra Road

  • +254 713 832 699
  • +254 722 776 900

Belleview Office

  • +254 708 939 319

Parklands Office

  • +254 716 336 661


  • + 254 724 728 470


  • + 254 733 845 464


Dewington Rd Office

  • +256 774 082 853
  • +256 790 915 726

Mbale Office

  • +256 771 277 294

Mash Poa East Africa Service Offerings 

Asides from conveying passengers from one location in Kenya to another, Mash Poa East Africa also has a subsidiary called Mash Parcel. Mash Parcel is saddled with the responsibilities of delivering parcels, packages or even good (perishable or non-perishable) door-to-door or counter-to-counter. 

With Mash Parcel, you enjoy the following perks: 

  • Timely delivery 
  • 24/7 availability 
  • Refrigerated buses for perishable goods 
  • Well-trained staffs 
  • Mash caravans 
  • Live tracking of location.
Mash East Africa Prices

Mash Poa East Africa Ticket Booking 

Just like every other modern transportation company, Mash Poa is in terms with the latest industry trends and has upped its game. 

For the convenience, comfort and ease of its customers, Mash Poa East Africa has devised an online method of booking tickets just before every trip taken with the company. 

To book your tickets with Mash East Africa, kindly visit the company’s website at You’ll find a drop-down menu. Kindly select the option to book a ticket and provide any necessary information asked from them. 

Mash East Africa also has a website. On your android’s Google Play Store or on your Iphone’s Apple Store, kindly search for “Mash Poa”. You’ll find the app there. Sign up with your details and proceed to book your ticket. 

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If you’re not comfortable with any of the methods above, you may choose to visit the Mash East Africa headquarters or call any of the numbers provided above to ask about any other method you can use to book your ticket. 

Mash Poa East Africa Services

Mash Poa East Africa Routes 

Mash East Africa plies the following routes on a daily: 

  • Kigali
  • Kampala
  • Mbale
  • Malindi
  • Mombasa
  • Mtwapa
  • Nairobi
  • Migori
  • Mumias
  • Kitale
  • Kisumu
  • Jinja
  • Busia
  • Malaba

By traveling with Mash Poa East Africa, you get to enjoy the following features: 

  • Free WiFi
  • Overhead luggage storage
  • Reclining seats
  • Onboard entertainment
  • Legroom
  • Comfortable stopovers
  • Group bookings.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • When was Mash East Africa founded? 

Mash Poa East Africa was founded in 2002 and has since expanded and is now one of the largest and best bus transportation providers in Kenya. 

  • Does Mash Poa East Africa only travel within Kenya? 

Yes, for now, this company has  limited its operations to only Kenya. As soon as there’s an update on this, this page will be updated. 

  • How much is it to travel with Mash Poa? 

Mash Poa East Africa doesn’t have a price list at the moment. However, during the process of booking a ticket online, you’ll find the price of your expected destination or route on the website. 

  • How can I call Mash East Africa office?

The contact details for each of the Mash Poa offices have been provided already in the early piece of this article. Please see above for that. 

  • Does Mash Poa have a website? 

Yes, Mash East Africa has a website. The address is You should also check out Coast Bus Nairobi website.

Mash Poa East Africa

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