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Maluti Bus Service Contact, Timetable, Prices

Maluti Bus Service is a popular transport company in South Africa. They attend to the transport needs of residents in the country whilst promoting economic growth and improving the development in the region.

The transport company aims at providing top notch, safe, reliable and affordable transportation services to their clients. It is targeted at all members of the public. They hold their passengers in high esteem and employ well trained personnel in order to ensure all company’s goals are achieved.

It offers economic, semi luxury and luxurious classes to satisfy the transport needs of various economic classes of the passengers. The company’s fleet consists of minibuses and large coaches powered by MAN.

Maluti Bus

Maluti Bus Service Contacts

For further enquiries and booking, contact Maluti Bus Service via the following means

  • Phone number 1: +27 58 713 0046
  • Phone number 2: +27 58 713 1904
  • Headquarters: Plot 938B Mampoi Road, De Bult, Phuthaditjhaba, South Africa.
  • Email: [email protected]

Maluti Bus Service Line 

The Maluti Bus service company is a big transport company that specialises in many transport services. It engages in;

  • Passenger transport
  • Bus tours
  • Vehicle hire
  • Long distance travel
  • Parcel logistics services
  • Bus Coach and tram services 
  • Bus lines – Suburban, amongst others.

It provides short distance travels between Qwaqwa, Bethlehem and Harrismith region as well as long distance bus services to further parts of South Africa.

All transport services being rendered are reliable and affordable. They also engage in night time travels for long distance trips to enable passengers to get to their destinations early the next morning rather than spending the whole day on a journey.

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Maluti Bus Service Fleet Line

The Maluti Bus Service fleet line consists of economic, semi luxury and luxurious class vehicles for the various trips it undergoes in the country.

The company operates different types of vehicles from minibuses to large coaches, powered by MAN machines.

They also operate a Bus Rapid transport system whereby a fleet of co-joined buses are used to transport passengers across stations.

Maluti Bus Service Line

Routes Plied By Maluti Bus Service 

As a large transport company, Maluti Bus plies various routes. They include;

  • Harrismith to Setsing
  • Harrismith via Tshiamin
  • Harrismith to Hiaseng
  • Harrismith to mabolela
  • Harrismith to Bokelto
  • Tshiame to Makgalaneng
  • Thibella to Harrismith
  • Harrismith to Lusaka
  • Bethlehem to setsing
  • Kestell to setsing
  • Khalanyoni to Harrismith 
  • Industries to Hiatseng
  • Industries to bolata 
  • Lusaka to setsing
  • Industries to Comet
  • Phuthaditjhaba to Johannesburg 
  • Phuthaditjhaba to Durban
  • Phuthaditjhaba to Bethlehem.

This is just a few of the company’s routes, you can reach out to the customer support to get more information.

Maluti Bus Service Ticket Prices

The company is yet to release an official statement of ticket prices per route. However, you can reach out to the company via the contact number stated above for booking of tickets and price confirmation. You should also check out Graca Luxury Tours

Maluti Bus Service Contact

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Can I visit Maluti Bus service company ‘s headquarters anytime? 

Like every company, Maluti bus also has opening and closing hours. You can visit their headquarters between 8am and 5pm from Monday to Friday. However, they are fully closed on the weekend.

  • Does Maluti Bus service Company do inter- country trips? 
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No, the bus company operates only in South Africa. It embarks on both long and short distance trips but only within the country.

  • Does Maluti Bus company engage only in passenger transport?

Maluti Bus company is a large transport company which offers many other services besides passenger transports. Some of the other services include Bus hire, parcel logistics, Tours amongst others. These services are quite affordable.

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