Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices, Reviews

Mabirimisa Bus Contact Number And Booking Prices

Looking for the Mabirimisa Bus contact details or ticket prices? We’ve got you.

Mabirimisa Bus is a South African transport company established by Fanie Denga Mabirimisa. It has been in existence for years and has consistently provided good transport services in its region of operation.

The transport company is based in Nzhelele Venda and transports people across different areas in the Venda, Limpopo region.

The transport company offers its services at an affordable price whilst prioritising customer satisfaction and safety. Some of the facilities to be enjoyed include; overhead lights and luggage compartment, ample leg space and audio systems.

In this piece, we’d discuss the Mabirimisa Bus contact details, ticket prices, routes plied and schedule for travel.

Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices, Reviews
Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices, Reviews

Mabirimisa Bus Contact Number

For further enquiries and ticket booking, you can contact Mabirimisa Bus company by visiting its head office located at 46 Ajeppe St Louis Trichard 0902, Makhado South Africa.

You can also call the number stated below

  • Telephone Number: +27 15 516 4688

Mabirimisa Bus Ticket Prices

The Mabirimisa Bus company does not have specific ticket prices as they are subjected to change due to various factors. However, you can reach out to the company’s customer support team for further enquiries.

Mabirimisa Bus Fleet Line

Mabirimisa bus transport company operates with varying types of buses from predator model. They are made in South Africa and powered by MAN. 

The buses are suitable for long distance travelling as well as daily commuter movement. The buses are also tailored to meet the service of the average South African, that is they offer only economy seats. The buses are equipped with 3by 2 non-reclining seats, overhead luggage compartments as well as audio system to keep passengers engaged whilst on the trips.

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Services Offered By Mabirimisa Bus 

Mabirimisa Bus company focuses mainly on passenger transport within the Venda Limpopo district. They offer both long distance and passenger commuting services daily to a well scheduled timetable and affordable ticket prices.

Customer safety and satisfaction is their major priority, and since they are specifically for the working class you get to enjoy more whilst paying less.

For booking of tickets, you can contact any of the company’s numbers stated above or visit the company’s headquarters.

Also, check out FF Gertse Bus, another transport company in South Africa.

Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices
Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices, Reviews

Routes Taken By Mabirimisa Bus

As stated earlier, Mabirimisa bus company is operational majorly in the Venda Limpopo districts. Thus it has limited routes. It’s major routes are:

  • Limpopo to Soweto
  • Limpopo to Gauteng
  • Johannesburg to Venda
  • Johannesburg to Biaba
  • Messina to Thohoyandou
Mabirimisa Bus Contact
Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices, Reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Mabirimisa engage in Cross country transport services? 

Unfortunately , the bus company operates only in the Venda Limpopo district and does not travel across states or countries. However, be rest assured that your transport with them would be satisfactory.

  • How can I travel with the Mabirimisa Bus? 

To book a ticket with Mabirimisa Bus, you can reach out via any of the contact numbers stated above or visit the transport company’s headquarters. You can also visit the company’s bus terminals and pay on arrival.

  • What is the economy class on Mabirimisa Bus?

Economy class is better suited for the working class people as they are usually more affordable and efficient. However, Mabirimisa does not compromise on quality due to the affordable prices they charge. Your safety and satisfaction remains theor topmost priority.

Mabirimisa Bus Contact and Reviews
Mabirimisa Bus Contact, Ticket Prices, Reviews

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