Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

List Of Public Bus Transportation Companies In Ghana

What are the list of the public bus transportation companies in Ghana today?

Ghana, home to over 34 million people, has public transportation as the backbone of travelling. The country’s residents adopt the road transportation system as their major route of transportation. This has led to the existence of various transport companies in the county.

Choosing one of the public bus transportation companies in Ghana to travel with in Ghana is a rather seamless task. This is because all public transport companies operating in the country are of good quality and provide excellent transport services.

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail, the best public bus transportation companies in Ghana today and what services each of these companies render to the populace. Please read on to learn more about the best bus transportation companies in Ghana today. 

Public Bus Transportation Companies In Ghana 

In no order, below is a list of public bus transportation companies in Ghana:

Kingdom Transport Services

Kingdom transport services is a notable intercity transport company operating in Ghana. Its buses are exclusively dedicated to the user to ensure reliability of services. The bus company transports Ghanaian residents across various locations at a rather affordable price.

The bus company also partners with companies and  institutions to provide daily transport services to its employees. KTS services also include excursions, social and funeral services.

Its major routes for daily passenger transportation include Accra, Kumasi and Sunyani, Tamale, Bolga, Wa, Hamile and Bawku.

The bus company’s headquarters is KTS HSe. Hospital Rd, Comm. 6, Tema, Accra. You can also reach out to the company via these phone numbers; 030 2301743, 030 3212182.

City Express Transport Services

Accra City Express
Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

City Express transport company has its headquarters in Cape Coast, Ghana. The transport company provides daily passenger transports as well as car rental services to Ghanaians. It is one of the best public bus transportation companies in Ghana.

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The bus company’s fleet consists of SUV’s, minibuses and vans. Its services are rendered at competitive rates making it a good choice for your trips.

The company’s services are available for your use Monday through Sunday. The vehicles can also be rented for airport pick off and drop off, tourism excursions amongst others.

You can reach out to the company by contacting 037 2023461.


Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana
Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

The metro bus system is a transport company that operates within Ghana. It is one of the leading bus companies in Ghana as it has built a loyal customer base with its efficient services. It offers intracity, intercity and urban-rural services.

The bus company works Monday through Saturday at all hours of the day. Its main routes are Accra, Kumasi, Tamale amongst others.

The bus company is located in Kaneshie Pamprom, Accra, Ghana. You can contact the customer care team at 030 2237539.

Accra Transport Services 

This is another public transport company in Ghana. Its headquarters is located at Barnes Road, Accra, Ghana. The company provides daily transportation and chauffeur services whilst ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.

The company specialises in Airport transfers, hotel pick ups, Group travels as well as shuttle services. The services can be enjoyed all through the week as the bus company works 24 hours daily. 

The bus company’s fees are also affordable making it a go to choice for Ghanaian road travellers. The bus company has buses going to all major routes as well as a few minor routes in the country.

You can get more information by contacting the company via +233 26 815 0004.

Metro Mass Transit 

Metro Mass Transit
Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

The metro mass transit is a state owned transport company. It was established in 2004, to provide Ghanaian residents access to a smooth, safe and comfortable transport system. The bus company plies various routes in the country, including; Accra, Takoradi and cape Coast at fairly affordable prices. The bus company’s revenues also contribute to the growth of Ghana’s economy.

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Stabus Transport Company 

Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

Stabus is known as a reliable alternative to a taxi. It was established in 2019 and has its headquarters in North Legion, Accra, Ghana. Its services include daily scheduled trips as well as car rectal services for individuals and companies. It is open Monday through Friday.

VIP Jeoun

VIP Jeoun
Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

As the name implies, VIP Jeoun is a luxurious travsport company that offers one of the safest and comfortable trips in Ghana. Though, it must be of note that the bus rates are fairly high. The bus company’s fleet mainly travels between Accra, Sunyani and Kumasi.

ALG Transport and Logistics 

Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana
Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

This is a Ghanaian owned transport company that travels only within Accra. It is one of the most used transport companies as it offers reliable transport services at affordable prices. Its services include passenger transport, charter services as well as dispatch services.

NewBest Transport Services 

This transport company is known for plying the Cape Coast, Kumasi, Takoradi, Koforidua, Sunyani and Accra routes. The transport company’s main services include; daily passenger transport and vehicle charter services. A notable act of the company is the discount offered to university students on resumption and vacation dates. 

O. A Travel and Tours

This bus company was established in 2000 as a household company. It started its operations by plying only the Accra and Kumasi routes but has expanded its services to Sunyani, Bawku and Tamale. It has a loyal customer base due to the good quality of its services.


This is a subsidiary company to the Efosa Express Limited, a Nigerian bus company established in 1975 in Benin. It has expanded its services to Ghana and provides daily passenger trips across cities in Ghana whilst also engaging in international trips between Ghana and Nigeria.

God is Good Motors (GIGM)

GIGM is a Nigerian transport company that provides international trips between west African countries. It doesn’t engage in intercity trips in Ghana, but its international trips are reliable. Since it travels long distances, the buses are luxurious vehicles with various features to keep passengers engaged throughout the trip.

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Chisco Transport

Chisco transport company is a west African company that provides international and intercity trips in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo amongst others. In Ghana, it engages in passenger transport and logistic services in Kumasi, Takoradi, Accra e.t.c.

ABC Transport

Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana
Public Bus Transportation Companies in Ghana

ABC transport  is one of the most popular West African bus companies, due to its safe and reliable intercity and international trips. The bus company has its headquarters in Ghana , but has a major head office in Ghana, Opp. Priceway Hotel, Avenor, Accra. Its ticket prices are slightly higher than other transport companies because the company offers comfort in luxurious buses.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are the above transport companies rates affordable?

The ticket prices of these transport companies are relatively affordable though subject to individual income.

  • Why are some Nigerian companies stated above?

The Nigerian companies above expanded their services to Ghana and even have offices scattered across Ghana.

  • Why should I travel with public buses?

Public buses in Ghana are safe, comfortable and relatively affordable. You have nothing to lose whilst travelling with them.

  • How do I confirm the prices of these companies?

You can do that using our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool or by visiting each of the company’s website to confirm this.


The road transportation industry in Ghana has experienced significant growth in recent years due to the increasing demand for reliable and affordable transport services. Public transport companies have risen up to the task and are well known for their safe and efficient transportation services, making them a popular choice for road users in Ghana.

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