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Laviha Luxury Bus Online Booking, Contacts

Laviha Luxury Bus company is a passenger and parcel transport company in Tanzania. It was established a few years ago but has become a force to reckon with in the Tanzanians transport industry.

It is the only transport company that transports passengers along the Kilombero to Arusha route Via Chalinze and Msolwa. The company started up to solve the problem of transportation in this region,thus it managed to become a trusted and reliable transport company to travellers who were missing or had no service to the direct bus services on the route.

Apart from the major routes, the company has expanded to providing daily transport services between Kilombero and Ifakara to Dar es Salaam.

Laviha Luxury Bus Tanzania Ticket Prices

Laviha Bus Contact Number 

For further enquiries, ticket booking process as well as price list, you can reach out to the company’s customer care team via any of the following means;

  • Head Office: Kilombero, Morogoro
  • Other Office: Arusha, Msamvu And Dar es salaam
  • Telephone number 1: +255711284357
  • Telephone number 2: +255656524339

Laviha Luxury Bus Fleet Line 

The transport company’s fleet line finishers of new, modern  and highly maintained luxurious buses from Chinese vehicle companies like Higer and Sunlong.

The vehicles provide passengers with luxury with its facilities such as 2 by 2 reclining seats, Personalized air conditioning system, arm rest, USB charging ports, captivating interior design and more.

The vehicles also have features such as overhead luggage compartments, Audio Visual for entertainment, Free Wi-Fi on board and overhead reading lights.

Laviha Luxury Bus Online Booking

Laviha Luxury Bus Service Line

The Laviha luxury bus company engages in daily scheduled transportation of passengers and parcels across Kilombero and Alusha city. The service being provided is top notch and luxurious.

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The bus company engages in daily morning departures from all its stations. Tickets are pocket friendly and don’t forget that you get to enjoy luxury on all trips. Ticket prices and parcel rates are dependent on destination, departure and weight of your package.

Tickets can be gotten at the company’s headquarters, any of the bus terminals or by contacting the customer care team. Also check out Golden Deer Bus, another Tanzanian transport company.

Laviha Luxury Bus Live Routes

Laviha luxury bus embarks on both morning and afternoon departures to enable passengers to get to their destination whilst the sky is still clear. Here are a few of the company’s major routes; 

  • Kilombero To Arusha
  • Kilombero To Dar es salaam
  • Ifakara To Dar es Salaam.
Laviha Luxury Bus Contact

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Laviha luxury bus offer online booking services?

To provide a hassle free travel experience for its passengers, Laviha luxury bus has partnered with some online ticket booking agencies in order to make booking tickets easier and faster. Your spot is guaranteed with the transport company so you need not fear.

  • Does Laviha luxury bus have an online presence? 

Technology has evolved and every company is evolving with it. Laviha luxury bus is not left out, as it has a company page on both instagram and facebook. Follow them to get updates and see pictures of their trips @lavihaluxurykilombero on instagram and @ Wasafiri Tanzanian Investment Limited on Facebook.

  • Is Laviha Luxury Bus operating only in Tanzania? 

Laviha luxury bus company is a Tanzanian based bus company created to provide transportation across the Kilombero to Arusha route Via Chalinze and Msolwa. It is the only bus company operating in that area. However, the company is now expanding to other parts of Tanzania such as Dar es Salaam.

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