Kiazi Kitamu Bus Tanzania

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Arusha To Mwanza Online Booking

The Kiazi Kitamu bus is a transport company operating in Tanzania. It is well known for its daily scheduled transport route along Arusha to Mwanza in Northern Tanzania. The company specializes in providing safe and reliable transportation to its customers. 

The transport company was established over 15 years ago, thus it has grown and expanded to suit the needs of its passengers. Its top-notch service has ensured that first-time passengers continuously travel with their buses.

Though several other buses ply that route, Kiazi Kitamu’s superior service, as well as time management skill, has made them the top bus along that route.

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Online Booking

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Contact Number 

For further inquiries, trip schedules, ticket prices, and booking of tickets, contact Kiazi Kitamu Bus via the following;

  • Telephone Number 1: 078 344 666 69
  • Telephone number 2: 075 521 4939
  • Telephone number 3: 062 923 4790
  • Email: [email protected]

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Kiazi Kitamu Bus Service Line

Kiazi Kitamu Bus company offers reliable and safe transportation to travelers along the bus’ major routes stated below.

They engage in daily scheduled trips for passengers and parcels within the Northern Tanzania Region, including Mwanza and Arusha.

The services rendered by this bus company are affordable and suitable for all passengers ranging from businessmen to students, and other travelers within and outside the region.

Tickets are charged based on departure point and destinations whilst parcels are charged based on weight.

Booking of tickets can be done by contacting the company’s contact number stated above or by visiting any of the company’s bus terminals.

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Services

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Fleet Line

The 15-year-old transport company is a rather large company with a large fleet of Scania model coaches to suit passengers’ travel needs as at when due.

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The fleet consists of Marco Polo and locally manufactured coaches powered by Scania to provide safe and reliable transportation in Tanzania. The buses are also properly maintained to ensure smooth rides.

The buses are equipped with various semi-luxury facilities, such as 2 by 2 reclining seats, Television for entertainment, overhead reading lights and luggage compartments, extra leg rooms, and arm rests to ensure passengers are comfortable during the trips.

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Ticket Prices

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Major Routes 

Kiazi Kitamu operates scheduled daily bus trips along the following routes:

  • Arusha To Mwanza Via Singida
  • Arusha To Kigoma
  • Arusha To Engaruka

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Where can I get updates on the company’s trips?

The transport company is quite active on its Instagram page at kiazikitamu_official. They post pictures and updates on trips as well as discount offers.

  • How can I book Kiazi Kitamu tickets online?

The transport company has an online website where passengers can book their trips beforehand. Visit for more details and the booking procedure.

  • Are Kiazi Kitamu Bus tickets affordable? 

Yes, traveling with Kiazi Kitamu doesn’t involve you breaking the bank. They provide semi-luxurious, safe, and comfortable passenger and parcel services at fairly affordable rates. Thus, you get to enjoy your trip without spending so much.

Kiazi Kitamu Bus Tanzania

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