Jacobs Coaches Contact Number, Ticket Prices, Schedule

Jacobs Coaches Contact Number, Prices, And Review

Are you interested in finding the Jacobs Coaches contact number, ticket prices, or reviews? This article will answer whatever question you’ve got about this transportation company. 

Jacobs Coaches is a South African bus transportation company headquartered in Seymour. The company prides itself on producing efficient and convenient public and private mass transit services between South African cities. 

Jacobs Coaches provides transit between the cities of Cape Town and East London and runs along that route majorly. So, if your destination also runs along that route, Jacobs Coaches should be your first choice of transport provision.

In this piece, we’ll review the Jacobs Coaches contact number, ticket prices and booking procedures, and the reviews the company has gotten from clients since beginning operations as a South African transport provider. Check out Nozulu Lux Liner, another luxury transport company in South Africa.

Jacobs Coaches Contact Number, Ticket Prices, Schedule
Jacobs Coaches Contact Number, Ticket Prices, Schedule

Jacobs Coaches Contact Number

To get in touch with any of the Jacobs Coaches customer care representatives, use any of the details below:

  • Office Number: +27-83-247-4705
  • Whatsapp Booking or Call: 0735545625

Want to visit the office instead? Here’s the address.

  • 97, Curzon Street, Seymour, South Africa.

Jacobs Coaches Ticket Prices

There’s no official price list for this company’s travels. To find out the price of your trip, kindly contact the office or visit the stations where the buses take off. 

Jacobs Coaches Fleet Line

Jacobs Coaches has a fleet of modern, luxurious, sophisticated vehicles and buses. These autos are products of the Marcopolo and Irizar auto manufacturing companies. This alone, showcases how luxuriously you’d be traveling. 

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These buses are equipped with quite a number of features designed specifically with the best interests of the passengers in mind. Some of these features include 2×2 reclining seats, armrests, USB charging ports, a music system, free WiFi, and an air-conditioning system to mention a few.

Services Offered By Jacobs Coaches

Jacobs Coaches offers bus transportation services between South African cities. The ticket prices are incredibly affordable, despite being a luxury travel company. This transport company is also a very reliable one used by many individuals. 

How to book a ticket? 

Visit their office, the address has been provided earlier in this article. You can also make arrangements for online booking which can be done using checkmybus.com or computicket. These are some of the most prominent online booking platforms in South Africa. 

Jacobs Coaches Contact Number
Jacobs Coaches Contact Number, Ticket Prices, Schedule

Routes Plied By Jacobs Coaches

Jacobs Coaches plies a number of routes. They include:

  • Cape Town to East London
  • East London to Worcester
  • Cape Town to Beaufort West
  • Cape Town to King William’s Town.

Travel Schedule

The table below contains the travel schedule for Jacob Coaches.

Departure LocationArrival LocationDaysVia
Cape TownEast LondonThursday, Friday, Sunday.Pearston
East LondonCape TownFriday, Sunday, Monday.Pearston

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is traveling with Jacobs Coaches affordable?

Yes. Traveling with Jacobs Coaches is incredibly affordable despite the luxury and sophistication. You’ll definitely get the value of your money by traveling with Jacobs Coaches. 

  • Does Jacobs Coaches travel to other countries?

No. Jacobs Coaches only operates within South Africa and plies major routes between Cape Town and East London. Hopefully, the company will expand to include more cities and countries in its operation.

  • How can I get the Jacobs Coaches contact details?
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The contact details of this company have been shared earlier in this piece. Please see above for this.

  • How do I book a ticket to travel with Jacobs Coaches?

There are a number of options for ticket booking. You can book either online or physically. To book physically, visit the Jacobs Coaches office (see above for the address). To book online, visit the websites stated above. 

Jacobs Coaches Ticket Prices, Schedule
Jacobs Coaches Contact Number, Ticket Prices, Schedule

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