Iyare Motors Price List

Iyare Motors Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Iyare Motors price list, terminal locations, online booking, customer care phone number, and other vital information can be found in this article.

Are you looking for details about Iyare Motors to book your trip? Continue reading this article to find out more about Iyare Motors price list and routes plied by this indigenous transport company amidst other information.

About Iyare Motors and Services

Iyare Motors is an indigenous transportation company that transports both passengers and luggage from one city to another in Nigeria. They transport passengers mainly from Benin to Lagos and also from Lagos to Benin.

Although that is their major route, they also transport passengers and luggage to different cities and states in Nigeria. Below are the major routes Iyare Motors ply daily.

  • Abuja to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, Lagos, and Warri
  • Onitsha/ Asaba to Benin, Abuja, Lagos, and Warri
  • Lagos (Ajah) to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, and Warri
  • Lagos (Empire) to Abuja, Asaba /Onitsha, Benin, and Warri
  • Lagos (Maza Maza) to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, and Warri
  • Lagos (Mile 2) to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, and Warri
  • Lagos (Volks) to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, and Warri
  • Asaba to Abuja, Benin, Lagos, and Warri
  • Warri to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, and Port Harcourt
  • Benin to Lagos ( whether Alaba International Market, Ajah, Empire-Surulere, Iyana Ipaja, Maza Maza, Mile 2, Volks, and Yaba)
  • Benin to Abuja, Asaba/ Onitsha, Lagos, and Warri,
  • Lagos (Yaba) to Asaba/ Onitsha, Benin, and Warri

Furthermore, Iyare Motors offer excellent transportation services within Nigeria. With good and air-conditioned buses and vehicles, they offer safe and secure transportation services. Also, the buses and vehicles are made comfortable and convenient for the passengers to sit on.

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In addition, WiFi, on-board restrooms with other ultra-modern facilities are also made available in these vehicles and buses.

Their customer care services are also top-notch, as customer feedback and complaints are acted on immediately. Hence Iyare Motors can be referred to as one of the best transportation services in Nigeria. Below are some other services rendered by this reputable company.

Courier/Haulage Services

Iyare Motors do not only transport passengers safely to their destination. They also offer safe delivery of goods and services to different states. Are you looking for a courier company to handle and transport your goods safely within Nigeria?

You can book Iyare Motors services today, they are one of the best when it comes to haulage or courier services. Whether big or small, rest assured they will transport your goods at affordable prices.

Hire Services/ Care Leasing

Apart from transporting passengers and goods safely to different destinations, Iyare motors also hire groups of different cars, vehicles, and buses. You can lease cars/ vehicles from Iyare Motors for any event at affordable prices.

Iyare Motors Online Booking and Tickets

Before we show you the current Iyare Motors price list, let us talk about how to book an Iyare Motors ticket. You can either book the ticket online by visiting Iyare Motor’s official website or visiting their different terminal location. Or better still call any of their customer care number.

Iyare Motors Price List

Below is the current Iyare Motors price list. Note that Iyare Motors Price List may change depending on the company, economy, and location. This is just to give you a clue of how much they charge. Ensure you check HERE before you book them for your next trip.

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  • Lagos to Benin/ Benin to Lagos (Non-AC Bus) is ₦3,100
  • Lagos to Benin/ Benin to Lagos (AC Bus) is ₦3,500

Iyare Motors Terminals in Nigeria 

There are only two main terminals owned by Iyare Motors even though there are other bus stops including Iyana Ipaja, Surulere, Ajah, Yaba, Mile 2, Alaba International Market, and so on.

1. Benin Terminal/ Headquarters

Physical Address: 25, Urubi Street, Benin City, Edo State.
Contact: 07086561145

2. Lagos terminal

Physical Address: 51, Ikorodu Road, Lagos Mainland, Lagos State

Iyare Motors Customer Care

Do you have any complaints about the services rendered by any of their branches? Below is the list of Iyare Motors’ customer care and their location.

More About Iyare Motors Price List and Other Information 

Iyare Motors is one of the best transportation companies in Nigeria with affordable prices and a lot of positive reviews from previous passengers. We hope you find our article on the Iyare Motor Price list, terminal location, and others helpful.

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