Ifesinachi Transport Price List

Ifesinachi Transport Price List, Terminals, Bookings, And Contacts

Ifesinachi Transport price list, terminal locations, and other information are what you will read in this article. You will find Ifesinachi transport customer care number, how to book tickets, and other important details also here.

Before we talked about things you need to book a ride with Ifesinachi transportation company, below is the company’s history.

Traveling With Ifesinachi Transport Company

Ifesinachi transport company has risen from it transporting goods and passengers with a trunk in 1965 to one of the best transportation companies in Nigeria. The transport company which was established by James Ogbonnaya Mamah about 26 years ago now plies different routes in Nigeria. With over 200 luxurious buses, 500 Toyota Hiace buses, and many more, it transports both passengers and luggage to major cities. This is including Eastern states, Lagos, Abuja, and Kaduna.

With over 3,500 workers, Ifesinachi transport runs both night and day trips to their customers. They offer a safe, secure, and comfortable journey experience as most of their buses are air-conditioned.

Not only that, there is free Wi-Fi with sockets outlet for passengers to charge in case of low battery life. Traveling with Ifesinachi transport is nothing but bliss due to the different facilities enjoyed by their customers. They ensure nothing but a comfortable journey at affordable prices for their customers.

Apart from the transportation of goods and passengers from one city to another. Below are other services rendered by the Ifesinachi transportation company.

Other Services Rendered By Ifesinachi Transport

Courier Services

When it comes to handling goods and packages safely, Ifesinachi is reliable and affordable. The transport company performs excellent service at transporting goods whether light or heavy to anywhere in the country. This is done through a subsidiary of the company known as Ifex Express Logistics. You can contact them to handle the transportation of your goods anywhere in Nigeria at affordable prices.

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Hospitality and Hotel

Also, Ifesinachi transport company offers hospitality services in Nigeria through a hotel brand, Grace Manor Hotels. You can find them littered in different cities and states in Nigeria.

Bus Chater/Hire Services

You can also hire a bus for any event or celebration from the Ifesinachi transportation company at affordable prices. Whether it is Toyota Hiace, Luxury, or any of their bus, contact their customer representative to reach an agreement.

How To Book Ifesinachi Online Tickets

To access any of the services rendered by Ifesinachi, you need to book a ticket whether online or via any of their terminals. Below are the steps needed to book a ticket online.

1. Visit Ifesinachi transport official website ifesinachitransport.com

2. Fill in your trip details including your departure state, departure terminal, destination, and preferred traveling date.

3. Make your reservation by choosing a seat.

4. Proceed to make payment after.
Note: Ifesinachi transportation company ticket validity is 7 days. This means that your booked tickets expire after 7 days of booking them.  Hence, you can still use your tickets if you miss your ride on your departure date.

As said earlier, you can also visit your departure terminal early to book a ticket before the trip. In addition, Ifesinachi Transport offers about a 30% discount on children’s(2-10 years old) tickets. Although their Identity Card must be presented before you can book a ride for them.

Further, you should bear in mind that your luggage as a passenger must not exceed 10kg. Else, you will have to make additional reservations for seats to carry your luggage. You can also send such luggage via their logistic team.

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Also, you should endeavor to arrive at least an hour before your departure time as no extra time for late passengers. Mostly, Ifesinachi transport starts their day-time journey between 6 am and 12 pm while the night journey is 6 pm below.

Ifesinachi Transport Price List

The average price of Ifesinachi transport is between N4000 to N8000 depending on the location. Below is the current Ifesinachi Transport price list as used by the company.

Lagos (Jibowu)Abuja₦6,500
Lagos (Jibowu)Onitsha₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Owerri₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Enugu₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Nsukka₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Imo₦5,700
Lagos (Jibowu)Abia₦5,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Kaduna₦7,500
Lagos (Jibowu)Ibadan₦4,200
Lagos (Jibowu)Port Harcourt₦7000

We advised you not to rely solely on the Ifesinachi Transport price list on this page alone. Ensure you confirm the price yourself before going ahead to book a ticket. This is because the price may change anytime depending on your location, company, and economy.

List of Ifesinachi Terminals and their Locations in Nigeria

Now that we have discussed the current Ifesinachi Transport price list, below are the different terminals in Nigeria.

1. Abakaliki Terminal
Physical Address: 6, Ogoja Road, Abakaliki
Contact: 08060441985

2. Ibadan Terminal
Physical Address: 73, Oyo Road, Beside Grandstand Hotel, Mokola, Ibadan
Contact: 08070591899

3. Aba Terminal
Physical Address: 15, Milverton Road, Aba, Abia
Contact: 08070591854

4. Port Harcourt
Physical Address: 114 Ikwere Road, Port Harcourt
Contact: 08036366698

5. Owerri
Physical Address: 14, Douglas Road, Owerri
Contact: 08070591860

6. Jos Terminal
Physical Address: T1, Jubilee Kenya, Jos
Contact: 08070591866

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7. Utako
Physical Address: 22E, Ekukianam, Utako District, Abuja
Contact: 08034932041

8. Upper Iweka Terminal

Physical Address: Upper Iweka, Onitsha, Anambra
Contact: 08065704980

9. Makurdi Terminal
Physical Address: 90, Gboko Road, Wurukum Roundabout, Abakaliki
Contact: 08134004195

10. Jibowu Terminal
Physical Address: 2/4, Ikorodu Road, Jibowu, Yaba, Lagos
Contacts: 08070591876 08070591875 08070591887

11. Enugu Terminal
Physical Address: 2, Okpala Avenue, Enugu
Contact: 08034534051

Ifesinachi Transport Customer Care Number

Do you have any complaints about the service rendered by any of their branches? You can send your feedback or seek help through the Ifesinachi transport customer care number at +2348062081082. They are also on Facebook @ifesinachitrans or visit any of their terminal addresses to resolve any issues.

More About Ifesinachi Transport Price List and Others

Ifesinachi transport price list for different locations seems affordable and cost-effective. No doubt, they are one of the leading transportation companies in Nigeria.

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