Hartley Tours Contact, Ticket Prices, Schedule

Hartley Tours Contact Number, Ticket Prices, And Schedule

Interested in finding out what the Hartley Tours contact address or number is? You’ve come to the right place.

Hartley Tours is a South African tour company founded by Sedick Hartley in 2008. Hartley Tours was founded by a South African, and operates there majorly but extends its operations to the countries of Zimbabwe and Malawi. 

Hartley Tours provides local tour services to the citizens of South Africa and cross-border services between South Africa, Malawi, and Zimbabwe. The company also provides tour services to residents of Zimbabwe and Malawi locally.

From the use of regular buses to luxury coaches and shuttles, the company is able to serve you and give you a wide range of selections when it comes to convenience and the services you specifically require. With Hartley Tours, you can choose the most convenient transportation method for you and your family or friends. 

With Hartley Tours’ luxury coaches, you get to travel in style and as the name implies, “in luxury.” The features of its luxury coaches include but are not limited to reclining seats, charging ports, onboard entertainment, wifi, onboard toilet, and 2×2 seat configurations.

Each passenger is allowed to carry not more than two (2) suitcases on board. For local travel, the weight of each of the suitcases should not exceed 20kg. However, for international travel, passengers can carry suitcases weighing a maximum of 30kg. Individuals who intend to carry suitcases weighing more than the specified will be requested to pay extra charges at the boarding point. The dimensions of each suitcase must be 80cm x 60cm x 30cm.

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In this piece, we’d discuss the Hartley Tours contact number, address, ticket prices, services, and schedule for travel. Please read on to learn more about the company. Also, read our detailed article on City to City Bus Booking Details and Schedules.

hartley Tours
Hartley Tours Contact

Hartley Tours Contact Number  

You can get more information regarding this tour company by either calling the numbers below or by visiting the head office, the address to which will be provided below.

Telephone Numbers

  • Telephone 1: 064-225-8523
  • Telephone 2: 073-866-3855
  • Telephone 3: 021-224-0822
  • Telephone 4: 084-534-4440


  • 4, Shepherd’s Green, Summergreens, Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa.  

Hartley Tours Ticket Prices

Currently, there’s no available price list for Hartley’s Tours’ services. To confirm the price of your intended journey, please call any of the numbers below. You’ll be directed to the processes to follow. 

Hartley Tours Fleet Line

From regular buses to shuttles to luxury coaches, Hatley Tours offers one of the best tour services in South Africa. Some of its luxury coaches are from the largest bus-car manufacturer in Latin America and the third largest bus-car manufacturer worldwide, Marcopolo. Its shuttles, however, are from another luxury car brand, Mercedes-Benz.

The company indeed has the best interests of its clients at heart.

As mentioned earlier, by traveling with Hartley Tours, you get to enjoy some of the features of the vehicles which include reclining seats, charging ports, TV, wifi, onboard toilet, 2×2 seat configurations, luggage compartments, armrests, music system, and many more. 

Hartley Tours Contact
Hartley Tours Contact

Services Rendered By Hartley Tours

Hartley Tours offers well-timed long-distance bus travel services between South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. This service is offered locally (within each mentioned country) in addition to cross-border travel (between the mentioned countries).

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Also, the company offers package deliveries between the three countries where it operates. You can send parcels at affordable rates with Hartley Tours. To use this service, visit any of their stations or head office (the address has been provided above).

The contact numbers are available in this post. You may also call them to make a reservation.

Routes Taken By Hartley Tours

As mentioned, the company operates within three major countries. The countries are South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Malawi. The routes followed by the buses are: 

  • Cape Town to Johannesburg 
  • Cape Town to Zimbabwe
  • Cape Town to Malawi
  • Johannesburg to Cape Town
  • Johannesburg to Zimbabwe
  • Johannesburg to Malawi.
Hartley Tours Contact, Ticket Prices, Schedule
Hartley Tours Contact

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How do I book a ticket to travel with Hartley Tours?

To book a ticket with Hartley Tours, call any of the numbers provided in this article or visit the head office (see above).

  • What is the maximum number of luggage I can carry on any Hartley Tours travel?

The maximum number of luggage is two (2). The luggage must also be suitcases that meet the required dimensions of 80cm x 60cm x 30cm.

  • What is the maximum weight I can carry on Hartley Tours travel?

This depends on whether you’re traveling locally or internationally (between the three countries listed). For local travel, your suitcase must not exceed 20kg. For international travel, your suitcase must not weigh more than 30kg. Any additional masses will attract extra fees.

  • Is traveling with Hartley Tours convenient?

With Hartley Tours, you get to choose your convenience. There are a number of options for you to choose from, whether it’s a luxury bus, a regular one, or a shuttle you want to travel with. 

  • What is the Hartley Tours contact number?
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The Hartley Tours contact number has been provided in the early section of this article. Please see above to confirm that.

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