Great Rift Shuttle Online Booking

Great Rift Shuttle Online Booking, Contact, And Prices 

Great Rift Shuttle is another Kenyan bus transport company that has been in operations for a long time now. The company prides itself in providing accessible, convenient and inexpensive transportation services to residents of Kenya.

This bus transportation company offers express services. This means that during their trips, they only go from the boarding station to the destination without making any stops or carrying any other passengers along the route. This is all in a bid to ensure the safety of their passengers. The company operates within three major cities in Kenya: Eldoret, Kitale and Malaba. However, it isn’t limited to those alone.

In this piece, we’ll look into everything you need to know about the Great Rift Shuttle, including its online booking procedures, ticket prices, how to contact any of its representatives, routes the company plies on a regular basis and frequently asked questions about the company. 

Great Rift Shuttle Contact number

Great Rift Shuttle Contact Details 

To get in touch with any of the Great Rift Shuttle’s customer care representatives, please use the details provided below:

  • Telephone 1: +254 734 093344
  • Telephone 2: +254 722 620583
  • Telephone 3: +254 721 402777


  • Address 1: Nairobi Office – Mfangano Trade Centre, along Mfangano Street.
  • Address 2: Eldoret Office – Opposite National Bank, near K.V.D.A
  • Address 3: Kitale Office – Railways, Mosop Building
  • Address 4: Bungoma Office – Keringet Hotel

Routes Plied By Great Rift Shuttle

This transport company plies a number of routes in Kenya. Among these routes are: 

  • Naivasha
  • Nakuru
  • Eldoret
  • Kitale
  • Malaba
  • Bungoma

Great Rift Shuttle Price List 

There’s no official price list for any of this company’s travels. However, to confirm the price of your trip, kindly use our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool for this. It’s very accurate and easy to navigate. 

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Great Rift Shuttle Online Booking 

One thing is peculiar to every transport company in Kenya; you need a ticket to travel with them, especially companies with coach buses. The Great Rift Shuttle isn’t an exception. To travel with this company, you need a ticket. 

Getting a ticket with the company, however, isn’t very comfortable. There’s no online method for buying tickets to travel with this company unless you want to make use of common ticket-purchasing websites like Tiketi. 

Great Rift Shuttle Online Booking

Thus, to purchase a ticket to travel with this company, you need to visit any of the company’s terminals well before your intended trip, purchase your ticket and wait for the bus you’re boarding. It’s that simple. 

Great Rift Shuttle Service Line 

Great Rift Shuttle offers a number of services to its clients. One, as earlier mentioned, is the express service that allows travelers to enjoy their trip without any stopovers at all. No pickups, no stopovers. Just the clients traveling from one location to the other conveniently enjoying their trip. 

This company also offers logistics/courier services. With Great Rift Shuttle, you can conveniently, safely and timely deliver your parcel from any of the locations that the company plies and even more. This service is a very affordable one. 

Great Rift Shuttle Services

Great Rift Shuttle also offers car hire or rental services. This means that individuals can even book any of their vehicles for their use, be it for event, business or personal use. Their vehicles are modern and sophisticated, making them visually appealing and comfortable to ride in. Their drivers are also well experienced and trained for these purposes. 

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Great Rift Shuttle Fleet Line

The company also features a number of vehicles, from Toyota Quantums to Nissan and other Toyota models. These cars are built for luxury and offer luxury without charging customers very much. 

The vehicles also feature a number of amenities suited specifically for convenient and interesting travel. Some of these amenities include onboard entertainment, USB ports, WiFi access, reclining seats, legroom and armrests among others. 

Great Rift Shuttle Nairobi Kenya

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does the Great Rift Shuttle travel outside Kenya?

No, the company’s services are limited to Kenya alone, for now. 

  • How can I travel with the Great Rift Shuttle?

You need to buy a ticket to travel with the company. Tickets can be bought at any of the terminals where the buses are found on a regular basis. 

  • How much is Great Rift Shuttle?

The prices for the trips vary. To confirm, kindly use our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool for this. 

  • Where is the Great Rift Shuttle terminal located?

The company has different terminals in different cities in Kenya. The addresses have all been provided above. Also, if you’d like to place a phone call to them rather than visit them physically, you may do so using any of the telephone numbers we provided above. 

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