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Golden Deer Bus Online Booking, Contact Number

The Golden Deer Bus is a popular bus company established 10 years ago in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. It is a passenger and parcel transport company created to suit the interests of the residents along its major routes.

Golden Deer Bus company is a sister company to the New force Bus transport company in a bid to bring competition into the passenger transport market.

It has an enviable fleet of zhongtong buses fully equipped with facilities like air conditioners, reclining seats to ensure passengers satisfaction.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Goldeen Deer Bus, including its other name, the company’s contact numbers and how to locate their headquarters, the reviews, routes plied by the buses and the services offered by the company.

Golden Deer Bus Services

Golden Deer Bus Contact Number 

For further enquiries and booking process, you can contact Golden Deer Bus via the following means;

  • Headquarters: Plot No. 22, Block No. F, Opposite Shekilango Business Park, Morogoro Road, Shekilango, Tanzania.
  • Telephone number 1: +255 754 864829
  • Telephone number 2: +255 746 343456
  • Telephone number 3: +255 742 247777l

Golden Deer Bus Service Line 

Created to bring competition into the market, the Golden Deer transport company provides top notch services across its routes. It is a passenger and parcel bus company, thus people and packages can be transported from one location to another at affordable prices.

The transport company engages in daily transports from Dar es Salaam to the southern highland areas of Songwe, Mbeya and Iringa. However, the twist is that it takes on only morning trips unlike other bus companies that operate throughout the day.

Golden Deer Bus Contact

Golden Deer Bus Fleet Line

As a company established 10 years ago, the Golden Deer Bus has expanded from a small transport company to be a force to reckon with. Therefore, the company has a fleet of newly imported Zhongtong China buses. 

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Its affiliation with the New Force Bus transport company means they work together with buses, leading to a large fleet line for Golden deer bus.

The buses are properly maintained and equipped with facilities such as; on board toilet facilities, air conditioners, reclining seats, audio visual entertainment systems, free Wi-Fi, USB charging ports amongst others. See all you need to know about Achimwene Bus, another transport company in Tanzania.

Golden Deer Bus

Golden Deer Bus Major Routes 

The Golden Deer transport company travels mainly on the following routes;

  • Dar es Salaam to Kyela
  • Dar es Salaam to Mbeya
  • Dar es salaam To Tunduma
  • Dar es salaam To Songea
  • Dar es salaam To Sumbawanga

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How can I book a Golden Deer Bus ticket?

You can book the bus tickets by contacting the customer care numbers stated above, by busting the company’s headquarters and bus terminals and lastly by online booking. To make travelling easier, the company has partnered up with some ticket booking companies such as who give you the best rates on both passenger and parcel transports.

  • Is the Golden Deer Bus transportation company an international one?

No, the Goldeen Deer transport company is a Tanzanian transport company that engages in passenger and parcel transport from Dar es Salaam to southern highlands of Mbeya, Songea, kyela and Ruvuma.

  • How are Golden Deer Bus ticket rates?

The bus company is yet to release an official price list for its trips. However, the ticket prices for trips which guarantee safety and satisfaction of passengers is relatively affordable. Parcels are also charged based on their weight and destination.

Golden Deer Bus Ticket Prices

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