Gasela Luxury Coaches Contact, Ticket Prices and Routes

Gasela Luxury Coaches Contact, Ticket Prices, Timetable

Need information regarding Gasela Luxury Coaches contact, ticket prices, services, or schedule? You’re in the right place.

Gasela Luxury Coaches is a South African transportation company headquartered in Johannesburg. The company provides inter-state travel within South Africa. This luxury transportation company also provides inter-country transportation between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The local bus routes are targeted at Eastern Cape. 

In this piece, we’d discuss Gasela Luxury Coaches’ contact details, ticket prices as well as the bus schedule, and other frequently asked questions that may come to mind after reading this piece.

Who Can Use Gasela Luxury Coaches?

Absolutely anybody can use Gasela Luxury Coaches. Whether people looking to travel publicly with others in luxury or people who’d rather travel alone with the driver, anyone can ride any of the Gasela luxury coaches. That is, the company offers both public and private transit and the private trip also comes at an affordable rate.

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Gasela Luxury Coaches Contact

Gasela Luxury Coaches Contact Details

To get in touch with this company, please use any of the details in this section:

  • Telephone: (+27)-73-210-0621
  • Address: 88, Simmonds Street, Powerhouse Bus Station, Braamfontein, Johannesburg, South Africa.
  • Email: [email protected].

Gasela Luxury Coaches Ticket Prices

There’s currently no available price list for Gasela Luxury Coaches. To find out the price of your travel, please contact the head office or visit the address above. 

Gasela Luxury Coaches Fleet Line

As the name implies, Gasela buses are indeed, “luxurious”. Their buses are modern high-quality equipped with facilities that enable them to travel long distances. Gasela Luxury Coaches boasts one of the best fleets of automobiles any transportation company has. 

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A notable automobile that this company uses is the powerfully sculpted Scania Touring, a product of Scania, one of the leading auto manufacturers worldwide.

The company owns and operates the best cars suited for the purpose of the company. By traveling with this company, you’re enjoying a wide range of facilities including inbuilt USB charging ports, armrests, and many more. 

Services Rendered By Gasela Luxury Coaches

Gasela Luxury Coaches Contact, Ticket Prices and Routes
Gasela Luxury Coaches Contact

Gasela Luxury Coaches mainly offers local travel within South Africa and Zimbabwe. The company also offers cross-border travel between South Africa and Zimbabwe. The prices are affordable. 

It is pertinent to note that while traveling with Gasela Luxury Coaches may be very convenient, the company does not permit smoking and drinking of alcohol during travel.  

Routes Taken By Gasela Luxury Coaches

The Gasela Luxury Coaches ply the following routes:

  • Johannesburg To Cape Town
  • Cape Town To Johannesburg
  • Pietermaritzburg To Johannesburg
  • Bloemfontein To Johannesburg
  • Johannesburg To Pietermaritzburg
  • Johannesburg To Bulawayo.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are there limitations to traveling with Gasela Luxury Coaches?

The major limitation is a safety precaution to ensure convenience. This limitation is the prohibition of smoking and consumption of alcohol while traveling. 

  • What is the maximum weight my suitcase can weigh to travel with Gasela Luxury Coaches?

For local trips, your luggage should not exceed 20kg while for international trips, your luggage shouldn’t exceed 30kg.  

  • Can I hire a Gasela Luxury Coach?

Yes, you can. One of the services the company renders is private hire. You can hire a coach for private purposes with Gasela Luxury Coaches. 

  • How many countries does Gasela Coaches travel to?
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Currently, the company only operates within South Africa and Zimbabwe. With time, the company should expand its operations to cover other countries. We’ll keep you updated when that happens.

  • Are the Gasela Luxury Coaches convenient?

Yes, the coaches are very convenient and feature a wide range of amenities tailored specifically to meet every individual’s travel requirements.

  • How can I contact Gasela Luxury Coaches? What is the Gasela Luxury Coaches contact number?

The Gasela Luxury Coaches contact details have been provided earlier in this article.

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