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Fikoshi Bus Mwanza Online Booking Contacts

Fikoshi bus Mwanza is a Tanzanian transport company. Its headquarters is in Mwanza also known as The Rock City. They offer a reliable bus service to residents of the Southern Highland regions consisting of Mbeya, Iringa amongst others.

The transport company had consistently provided top notch and reliable services for its customers since its establishment about a decade ago. It is now a well recognized company in Tanzania.

The transport company specializes mainly in passenger and parcel transport. It operates a daily schedule of transport services to suit the needs of travellers.

Fikoshi Bus Tanzania

Fikoshi Bus Mwanza Contact Number 

For further enquiries as well as ticket booking, contact Fikoshi bus company via any of the following means:

  • Telephone number 1: +255 787 925 555 
  • Telephone number 2: +255 757 192 229
  • Telephone number 3: +255 624 449 556
  • Telephone number 4: +255 764 533 365

Fikoshi Bus Mwanza Service Line 

For reliable, safe and convenient transportation, travel with Fikoshi Bus Mwanza. The company’s trips are usually from Mwanza city to other regions in Southern Highland.

The company offers morning departures across all its terminals and stations. You can make real time booking and proper arrangements for your parcels. The fares are relatively affordable and parcels are charged based on their weight and destination.

For price list and ticket booking procedure, you can reach out to the company via any of the contact numbers stated above.

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Fikoshi Bus Service

Fikoshi Bus Mwanza Fleet Line

Fikoshi bus company operates semi luxury buses of the Scania model. It’s buses are gotten from various manufacturers including; Dar Coach, SKS, Master Fabricators and Higer, a Chinese manufacturing brand.

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Some of the facilities equipped in their buses include; 2 by 2 reclining seats, air conditioners, television system, overhead reading lights and luggage compartments , USB charging ports, arm rests and extra legroom.

Fikoshi Bus Mwanza Routes

Fikoshi Bus, a well known Tanzanian transport company is notable for its reliable transport services along the following routes;

  • Mwanza To Mbeya
  • Mwanza To Dodoma
  • Mwanza To Mpanda
  • Mwanza To Kigoma
  • Mwanza To Bukoba
  • Mwanza To Kaisho
Fikoshi Bus Mwanza

Frequently Asked Questions 

  •  How can I book Fikoshi Bus tickets?

Booking with Fikoshi bus is fairly easy. You can book your tickets by contacting the customer care team via the numbers above or by visiting the company’s headquarters or any of their bus terminals.

  •  Is Fikoshi Bus active online?

Fikoshi Bus company is not slacking with its online presence. It is quite active on Facebook where it has about 10k followers. To keep up with the company’s updates such as routes, ticket prices as well as discounts, follow them on Facebook @Fikoshi Investments.

  • How do I identify Fikoshi Bus amongst the many bus companies in Tanzania? 

Fikoshi buses are painted in a rather unique colour of orange. The name “Fikoshi ” is also boldly printed at the front, back and sides of the bus in yellow and black.

  • How affordable is Fikoshi Bus ticket prices?

In the absence of an official bus ticket price list, you would have to contact the company’s customer care team for details on the ticket fees. However, Fikoshi is known by its customers to be fairly affordable. Its parcel logistics services are also pocket friendly as they are charged based on their weight. Be rest assured that you will get top notch services no matter how low the prices might be.

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