Easy Coach online booking

Easy Coach Online Booking, Contact And Prices 

Need the Easy Coach online booking details, services or even contact details? You’ve come to the right place.

Easy Coach is a Kenyan bus transportation company that has been in operation for a while now. The company prides itself in producing high-quality transportation that is affordable, dependable and safe for its clients. 

Easy Coach fleets are suited for both long and short-distance trips. The vehicles feature 2 by 2 seat configurations, giving passengers enough legroom to enjoy during any trip with the company. The vehicles also feature a number of amenities including WiFi access, USB ports, onboard entertainment, and many more. 

In this piece, we’ll review all you need to know about Easy Coach including the Easy Coach online booking procedures and details, how to speak to their customer care representatives, the prices of their trips, the routes the company frequently ply and the most commonly asked questions about the company. Please read on. 

Easy Coach Kenya
Easy Coach Online Booking

Easy Coach Contact Details 

To speak with any of the representatives of the Easy Coach transportation company, please use any of the details below: 

Webuye Station738200321
Siaya Station0738200304
Ugunja Station738200324
Bungoma Office738200310
Narok Station736141333
Usenge Station738200316
Kakamega OfficeTelephone: 0738200313
Fax: 05630837
Malaba Station738999705
Mbale StationTelephone: 0738999704
Fax: 05651487
Kaimosi Office738200323
Sirare Station736046132
Migori Station736046143
Rongo Station738200083
Kericho Station052 204170738200316
Kisii Station736046164
Maseno Station0573512160738200320
Kisumu StationTelephone(s): 0738200317, 0738999703, 0726354307
Fax: 057 2026136
Mumias StationTelephone(s): 0738200318/9
Fax: 056641361
Kitale StationTelephone(s): 0738200309, 0726354309
Fax: 054 30066
Busia OfficeTelephone(s): 0738200315, 05523098
Fax: 0532030411
Moi’s Bridge Station732538253
Nakuru StationTelephone(s): 0738200312, 0726354312, 0726354303, 0738200303
Fax: 051 2211500
Kampala Office+256776727270+256757727273
Bumala Office789366996
Eldoret Office0738200308
Nairobi OfficeTelephone(s): 0738200301, 0726354301, 0202210711
Fax: 0202210712
Bondo Office738200316
Kapsabet Station073820032205352260

Telephone Numbers

  • Telephone 1: 0738200301
  • Telephone 2: 0726354301
  • Telephone 3: 0733444244
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Email Address

Easy Coach Contact Details
Easy Coach Online Booking

Easy Coach Price List 

The Easy Coach bus transportation company price list is provided in this section. Kindly note that these prices are subject to change at the company’s disposal. 

Thus, you may want to confirm the price first using our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool or even by placing a call to any of their representatives first before buying your ticket. 

Maseno to Nairobi1400
Kisumu to Nairobi1400
Usenge to Nairobi1350
Mbale to Nairobi1400
Nairobi to Siaya1,450
Nairobi to Busia1,500
Nairobi to Maseno1,400
Rongo to Nairobi950
Nairobi to Sirare950
Nairobi to Kericho1,100
Nairobi to Kaimosi1,200
Nairobi to Mumias1,450
Malaba to Nairobi1400
Nairobi to Kakamega1,450
Kitale to Nairobi1350
Homa Bay to Nairobi950
Nairobi to Kisumu1,400
Easy Coach Price List
Easy Coach Online Booking

Easy Coach Online Booking 

To travel with Easy Coach, you need to buy a ticket. There are different ways to buy a ticket and the easiest, fastest and most convenient method is through the Easy Coach online booking method. 

To buy a ticket from Easy Coach transport company, you need to visit the company’s website at www.easycoachkenya.com. As soon as you click this link and it loads, a drop-down menu appears, requesting for your travel information, from your pick-up station to your destination. During the process of entering your information, please ensure that the information entered is accurate. You’ll find the price of your trip as soon as you fill in the required details. 

Another way to buy a ticket to travel with this company is by visiting any of the company’s terminals. Please ensure that you do this well before your intended time or even date of travel. Go to any of the company’s terminals, ask to speak with whoever is in charge and you’ll be directed on the steps to take to buy your ticket physically. 

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Easy Coach online booking
Easy Coach Online Booking

Easy Coach Service Line

Easy Coach transport company offers a wide range of services to its clients. 

The first is intercity transfer between one city in Kenya to another. This service is facilitated by the provision of modern luxurious and sophisticated vehicles suited for both short and long distance travels. The service is also relatively affordable so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to travel luxuriously and in style. 

Another service the company offers is vehicle hire. Yes, that’s right. You can even hire a private vehicle at an affordable rate with Easy Coach. This service allows you to take advantage of their vehicles in your own jurisdiction. You can either book for yourself or for an event where the company has to pick up people on your behalf. 

Easy Coach also offers logistics or courier services. With Easy Coach, your package can travel all the way from any city in Kenya to another in due time and in the same shape as it was handed over to the company. This service is very affordable and makes it easy for clients to track their parcels while they haven’t been delivered yet. 

Easy Coach Services
Easy Coach Online Booking

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Easy Coach travel outside Kenya?

No. Easy Coach only travels within Kenya as at this moment. 

  • Does Easy Coach Bus offer logistics services? 

Yes. This is one of the most affordable services that the company offers. All you need to do is take the package to be delivered to any of the Easy Coach bus terminals and give them whatever information they require to ensure your package gets to its destination in good shape and on time. 

  • Is Easy Coach Bus affordable?
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Yes. The Easy Coach Bus is very much affordable for an average Kenyan citizen or even resident. 

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