Delivery Companies In Lagos State

Top 10 Delivery Companies In Lagos State (2024)

What are the best Courier companies in Lagos State? We have numerous companies in Lagos State but some logistics or delivery services companies in Lagos State are swift in delivering their services, in today’s article we will be taking a look at the top 10 best delivery services in Lagos State.

Delivery companies are also called couriers or Logistics services, they are specialized in picking up parcels or any package and delivering it to the destination where the package is addressed to.

Nigeria of today has changed from the olden days when you only need to rely on Nipost to be able to send your parcels to your customers or loved ones, now we have many companies in the market and yet the demand for delivery companies is still high.

Lagos State is the economic capital of Nigeria and also one of the most populous states in the country giving this state edge over other states in Nigeria.

Anything you sell in Lagos will be sold out in a jiffy as long as you know how to attract your customers and business is always good when you have a good delivery company handling your products.

For those that own an eCommerce website or sell via social media, you certainly need a very fast delivery company to deliver orders to your customers. Likewise, banks and other firms in one way or another other need trusted and reliable delivery companies to handle their parcels.

To know the Reliable Courier Service Companies in Nigeria you must first look inward and the first place on your mind will be Lagos state because of its commercial activities and being the fastest developing state in Nigeria.

Without taking much of your time with lengthy explanations, here is the list of the best and most reliable courier services in Lagos Nigeria.

Top 10 Delivery Companies In Lagos State

There is no doubt we have numerous delivery services in Nigeria but a whole lot of them are based in Lagos state, these delivery companies operate within the urban area of the state likewise some rural areas too.

They operate from the Island of the state to the Mainland and they cover a wide range of areas charging according to the local government you are sending to and where the pickup is.

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We have taken our time to gather the best courier services in Lagos state due to the positive reviews gathered from customers and the few we make use of that we can attest to their swift and quality customer service. Below is the list of the 10 best delivery services in Lagos state.

1. Omoroy Delivery Service

First on our list of best delivery services in Lagos State is Omoroy delivery service, this is a logistics company I have used myself times without numbers and they have been very good at what they do.

Omoroy offers a Logistics Network that is reliable and flexible and their customer service is top-notch, always available to take orders you will never hear from this company that “we cannot take orders again today”.

They have many delivery bikes and well-cultured and educated riders that tend to your needs, what intrigues me the most is that they do not charge a high price.

Address: 42, Montgomery Road, Yaba Lagos State.
Official Website:
Phone No: +2348090558354, +2348122197599

2. Neuron Delivery

Next on our list is Neuron Delivery company, this is a courier company with a lot of positive reviews. They offer a good transport network and no doubt are among the best delivery service companies in Lagos State.

What makes this company much more preferable is that they are not limited to Lagos state alone but to other neighboring states and both cities and rural areas.

The company also has a very reasonable price which is calculated based on the distance covered from pickup and destination.

Address: Kings Guards House Km 10, Lagos- Epe Expressway, Near Chevron Roundabout, Lekki, Lagos.
Phone No: 01-7401576, 01-8136270, 01-4611400, 01-4611401

3. Emporium Delivery

Based on customers’ surveys Emporium is ranked as the most customer-friendly courier service in Lagos State, and after trying them out we attest to this too. They offer a very fast delivery service within Lagos State also they have an express delivery service for same-day package delivery.

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They have their head office located in Ikeja, Lagos state. Patronizing Emporium will force you to make a final decision on the delivery company of your choice.

Address: 1, OLANIYAN CLOSE MARYLAND, IKEJA, Lagos, Nigeria
Phone No: 08092721495

4. Tranex

Tranex just like every other delivery service we have mentioned earlier has been so serious with the Courier business. They do not charge much and their delivery service is top-notch.

With Tranex you are secured, this company has been in the business of logistics for years and is professional in the line.

They attend to you quickly and within the proper timeframe, their office is located in Oshodi Lagos State.

Address: 28, Apapa, Oshodi, Lagos.
Official Website:
Phone No: +234 709 800 4958

5. Ezex Delivery

One thing I personally love about this company is the way they attend to customers, they also offer a quick delivery service likewise express. The most intriguing thing about Ezex Delivery is that you get compensation for any Delay-In-Delivery (DID).

Address: 9, Otto Causeway Opp. A.G. Leventis Building, Iddo, Lagos
Official Website:
Phone: 0803-392-8873, 0703-821-1449, 0805-630-1264

6. Tranzit Delivery

Tranzit has a well-experienced staff and delivery agents and this is because they have been in the delivery business space for a long time.

They offer a fast and convenient local delivery service at a cheap rate, you get your order picked up and delivered within hours and their customer service agent is up to standard.

Phone No: +234-700-1000-100
Official Website:

7. Red Star Express

Red Star Express Plc provides a portfolio of full logistic solutions in Nigeria which includes, but is not limited to International and Domestic express delivery.

Red Star Delivery has been able to make a name for itself, we must commend their effort, they operate within Lagos State and have a good price together with good customer service.

Address: 70 International Airport Road, Mafoluku, Lagos.
Official Website:
Phone No: 01-2715670-6, 01-2714747, 07042807223

8. GAL Express

Looking for a delivery company that can handle huge packages? Then GAL Express is your bet. They specialized in moving big packages from one area to the other within the state.

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Though they do not have a set price, it lies on bargaining with them and this will depend on the weight and height of the package together with the distance that will be covered.

9. GidiWide Express

Gidi-Wide Express Delivery is another courier service company that made it on our list of best delivery companies in Lagos state. They are into a different form of business hence the reason why they are so coordinated.

They offer a short-notice delivery service whereby packages or parcels will be delivered within a short period of time. Though this is a special service and you will be required to pay more.

Phone No: 08028445134, 09023945844, 08075500391

10. ACE Express (Africa Courier Express)

Last but not least is ACE Express, this is still a new company in Lagos state and since it has been established they have continuously gotten positive reviews from customers.

ACE Express delivery within the short period used in Lagos has gained a lot of relevance, now well-known and this is based on the type of service they render to customers.

They also have a well-developed website where you can make orders without you needing to call them, on the site you can track your order.

Address: 1st floor 42 Ajose Adeogun Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.
Phone No: 0803 901 2600
Official Website: ace. ng

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We have numerous lists of delivery companies in Nigeria and no matter how the positive reviews are they tend to have a few glitches, it happens sometimes but owning up to it and making corrections is the reason why those on this list are listed here.

Using Delivery services also has a very positive advantage, it helps you send urgent messages and packages and this is done on your behalf without your presence.

For those selling online too, this is very useful as it makes you have smooth sales. Delivery services are a very smart transport system in Nigeria and many more people can tap into this.

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