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Buscar Kenya is a Kenyan bus transportation company that has been in operation for years. The company prides itself on providing luxury, affordable, and convenient transport for residents of Kenya. This company has been in operation for more than twenty years now and has been providing one of the most commendable transport services. 

Apart from distinguishing itself in the transport market, Buscar Kenya has also ensured advancements in its approach to conveying passengers, making travel processing, from booking tickets to reaching the final destination, easier and more convenient for everyone. 

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about Buscar Kenya, an Easy African bus transportation company, including its booking methods, ticket prices, routes plied, and the services the company offers to the public. Please read on to learn more about Buscar East Africa Kenya. Check out our list of the top 10 buses for long-distance travel in Kenya.

Buscar Kenya Nairobi

Buscar Kenya Contact Details 

To speak with any of the representatives of Buscar Kenya, please use the details below:

  • Telephone: (+254)-790-700-700
  • Email Address: info[at]bus-car.co.ke
  • Headquarters: River Road, Nairo, Kenya. 

Buscar East Africa Office Addresses

You’ll find below, a table consisting of the list of addresses where Buscar East Africa, has its offices or some of its representatives situated. 

Accra Road0790505050
Mwembe Tayari, Mombasa Office0717073333
Malindi Office0711500888
Kampala Jinja Office+256783616888
Kisumu Office0722582333
Machakos Junction+254711515115
Busia Office+254722542111
Mtwapa Office0717020808
Timboni Office0711505500
Kilifi Office+254717072020
South C Office+254711502626
Luanda Office+254791544441
Kampala Office+256778424787, +256790444414
Buscar East Africa Online Booking

Buscar Kenya Ticket Prices 

There’s no official price list for Buscar East Africa. However, please visit any of their offices to confirm the price of your intended destination. You may also choose to visit any of the online ticket booking platforms to confirm the price. That’s an easier and less strenuous approach to confirming the price of your intended journey. 

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Buscar Kenya Fleet Line 

Buscar Kenya Ticket Prices

With everyone’s interest at heart, Buscar Kenya has designed its services in such a way as to accommodate every type of passenger, low-income, middle-income, and even high-income passengers. The company has different types of buses tailored to the specific needs of the passengers. All of these buses exude luxury at their peak and are highly comfortable. 

These buses have two different sections; the VIP section (the Cinemax zone) and the live view section, the business class zone. 

The VIP section is structured like a movie theater, designed to accommodate the needs of its VIP customers, with LCD panels to entertain passengers and USB ports for any necessary purposes for which they may be used. 

The business class, however, is designed just like other normal buses are, only that they do not have the LCD panels and are not structured like a cinema theater. 

Booking Tickets With Buscar Kenya 

Tickets booking with Buscar Kenya has now become relatively easy and convenient as the company has now devised a new, easy, and convenient way for customers to book their tickets without leaving the comfort of their homes or having to deal with the scorching sun. 

You may now visit the Buscar Kenya website (www.bus-car.co.ke) to book your next ticket to travel with this company. The website is secure and if you have any challenges, you may place a call through to their customer care representative. You’ll find the number in the early section of this piece or otherwise, on the website. 

You may also choose to visit their headquarters or any of the addresses of the terminals listed above to book your tickets physically if you’re not very positive about putting your card details online. That’s another safer approach. 

Buscar Kenya Contact

Services Rendered By Buscar Kenya 

Buscar Kenya, aside from transporting passengers from one location to another within Kenya, also offers courier/logistics services. In essence, you can now transport goods from one location to another within Kenya without having to worry about any harm being done to it or theft. With Buscar Kenya, your logistics solutions are met and covered. 

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Locations Reached By Buscar Kenya

Buscar Kenya reaches the following locations: 

  • Voi
  • Nairobi
  • Mombasa
  • Kilifi
  • Kisumu
  • Kitale.
Buscar Kenya East Africa

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Does Buscar Kenya operate outside Kenya? 

No, not at the moment. Buscar Kenya currently operates only within Kenya. However, as soon as there’s an update on this, we’ll let you know. 

  • How can I contact Buscar Kenya? 

This is relatively easy. Whether it’s the headquarters or any of the terminals of Buscar East Africa, the contact numbers and even the addresses have all been provided at the early stage of this article. Please see above for this. 

  • Who can travel with Buscar Kenya? 

Relatively anyone can travel with Buscar East Africa. The company can accommodate children, adults, and even elderly people and caters to the needs of every traveler. You can also choose between the VIP section (Cinemax zone) or the business class section (the live view zone). 

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