Top 10 Best Travel Agencies In Nigeria

Top 10 Best Travel Agencies In Nigeria (2024)

This post will discuss the top ten best travel agencies in Nigeria. They are also known as tourist agencies, and their major role is to assist individuals in traveling outside of the nation with ease by assisting them with visa applications and other essential documents for a safe and easy journey abroad from Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Travel Agencies In Nigeria

To prevent ambiguity, travel or tourist organizations in Nigeria, like in many other areas of the globe, are responsible for making the process of emigrating overseas as simple as possible for their customers/clients, ensuring that they have the greatest vacation possible.

Vacation companies in Nigeria assist their clients in determining the finest available travel locations, transportation arrangements, and lodgings that meet their specific demands.

Tourism companies in Nigeria are responsible for recommending the finest vacation packages from a selection of resorts or cruise lines to their customers as a result of their extensive expertise on the job.

They frequently operate on a budget in order to provide their clients with the greatest travel arrangements according to their financial capacities, whether for pleasure or business trips.


The ten greatest and most popular travel/tourism agencies in Nigeria are as follows:


Wakanow is one of Nigeria’s top travel firms nowadays. This tourism firm was founded in 2008 as Nigeria’s first Online Travel Agent (OTA) to bridge the gap between the travel industry’s obstacles and inefficiencies.

The website truly took off around the time of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, two years after its inception, giving it the much-needed early kick-off impetus.

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Wakanow allows travelers to research, plan, and book all of their travel needs in one place. They provide airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, visa help, and a variety of other travel services from a variety of partners on their website.


Travelstart NG is a prominent online travel agency in Nigeria that assists today’s business and leisure travelers in finding, comparing, and booking the finest flight choices with all of their preferred airlines. Travelstart South Africa, based in Cape Town, is the parent business of the firm.

Travelstart is present in eight (8) countries, with further offices in Nigeria, Egypt, and Dubai. This tourist firm has a strong emphasis on low-cost travel and making the trip booking process easier for its many clients, and they provide some of the lowest rates available.


In the Nigerian travel & tours business, is a market leader. Customers may get flights, hotels, airport pickups, holiday packages, corporate packages, visa help, and foreign phone services from the firm.

Travelbeta’s objective is to provide exceptional travel experiences to all clients, without exception, by making the process of booking flights, hotels, and vacation packages simple and quick.


Idahota Travels is a branch of Idahota Agency that specializes in corporate travel consulting for outbound and inbound vacations.

This major tourist agency in Nigeria offers a diverse range of leisure goods and Destination Management (DMC) services, including worldwide hotel reservations for both business and pleasure, cruise bookings, international vehicle rental, and chauffeured limousine services.

They may also assist their clients in putting up Special Interest Tours, Escorted Coach Tours, and other types of tours.

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It is one of Nigeria’s most successful and well-known travel firms, offering customer-centric travel services. The firm is still the country’s top educational travel agency for kids aged 6 to 17.


FinchGlow Travels is another of Nigeria’s top-rated tourist firms. Mr. Bankole Bernard founded the firm in 2002, and it is a partner with the Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC).

This travel agency provides some of the greatest services in Nigeria’s tourist sector, catering to both personal and corporate travel needs. The firm also assists consumers with trip planning and securing decent hotel prices in desirable locations.


BTM Limited, one of Nigeria’s finest travel companies, is part of the GHI Assets Ltd group, which includes brands such as Emirates Holidays, Sky Logistics Ltd, and Rwandair. BTM Ltd was founded in 1998 and is an I.A.T.A. and ISO 9001-2008 certified agent (International Air Transport Association).


Quantum Travels Limited is Nigeria’s largest and most well-known travel management company, dedicated to providing world-class travel services. This Nigerian tourism organization has evolved to become one of the country’s leading travel service suppliers since its start.

In 2009, they formed a partnership with BCD Travel, the world’s third-biggest travel management firm, specializing in corporate travel management and with offices in 97 countries.

This arrangement establishes them as BCD’s Nigerian agent, provides the firm with a global footprint, and allows them to organize travel. Through an all-encompassing service, they specialize in assisting corporations in achieving their travel objectives.

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Quantum Travels Limited is a one-stop travel store that is entirely computerized and dedicated to giving its clients efficient, consistent, prompt, and dependable service while representing major airlines, car rental businesses, vacation resorts, and cruise liners, to name a few.


Touchdown Travels Limited is a major travel agency in Nigeria that represents GlobalStar, a global leader in the travel industry. Despite the fact that the firm was granted an IATA license in 1993, it just began representing GlobalStar in 2012.

This country’s tourist office assists with flight tickets and reservations, as well as the planning of tours and travel itineraries. Most Nigerian airlines recognize Touchdown Travels Limited as a member of the National Association of Nigeria Travel Agencies (NANTA).

The company’s headquarters are in Lagos State, and they also have travel desks/outposts in certain blue-chip businesses that are staffed by its employees, as well as a branch in Abuja, Nigeria’s Federal Capital Territory.


FlyBoku is a leading online travel agency in Nigeria, based in Lagos. This Nigerian tourist firm assists with airline ticket bookings, hotel reservations, tour guides, location selection, professional travel agents, and exceptional customer service. Visit their website at for additional details.


We have given you detailed information on the best bet of travel agencies in Nigeria you can work with for your next tour or getting out of the country.

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