Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

Top 10 Best Transport Companies In Tanzania 

What are the best transport companies in Tanzania today?

Getting the perfect bus company to travel with across cities in Tanzania can be quite difficult. This is because there are several transport companies providing varying qualities of services. It is important to choose carefully as one wrong trip can affect your travelling experience. 

When selecting a transport company, you should take note of the reviews, the company’s fleets,amenities in the vehicles, how experienced the drivers are as well as how affordable the prices are.

Below are 10 best transport companies in Tanzania, who have been chosen after meeting the criterion stated above.

Best Transport Companies In Tanzania

The best transport companies in Tanzania today are:

BM Luxury Coach

BM luxury coach
Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

This is a Tanzanian transport company that started out small in 2010 in the mongororo Region. This company plies the following routes; Turiari, Masasi, Msolwa, Morogoro, Dar es Salaam and  Arusha. Its fleet consists of Chinese Yutong and Zhonthong luxurious and semi luxurious buses. It offers daily passenger and parcel transport. You can get more information by calling: 0679056777

Darlux Luxury Bus

Darlux luxury bus
Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

As the name implies, Darlux bus company offers passenger transport services to Tanzanian residents in luxurious coaches. Its main routes include; Kahama, Bukoba, Arusha, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam e.t.c. You can reach out to the company: +255 789 495 059

Dar Express Bus

Dar Express Tanzania
Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

This is a notable transport company in Tanzania, having been in operation for over 10 years. It engages in local and international transports to Kenya. Some of its local major routes include; karatu,  Rombo, Bagamoyo, Moshi amongst others. For further enquiries, contact them on :+255 222 860 830

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Mghamba Express

Mghamba Express Bus Tanzania
Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

This is one of the oldest transport companies in Tanzania. It engages in both passenger and parcel transport. It started with plying only Moshi and Mwanza city but has now expanded its routes to Geita and Arusha. Its semi luxurious buses are equipped with free Wi-Fi, reclining seats, power outlets and more. For more enquiries; call +255 783 446 669

Marangu Coach

Best Transport Companies in Tanzania
Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

This is a passenger transport company that was established in 2015. The company’s fleet consists of semi luxury buses with televisions, air conditioning, free Wi-Fi and more. They also provide customers with free drinks on rides. Main routes include; Dar es Salaam, Akusha and Moshi

Abood Bus

Abood Bus Tanzania
Best Transport Companies in Tanzania

Abood bus was established in 1986 and is a trailblazer in intercity bus transportation in Tanzania. This reliable bus company operates a fleet of over 100 vehicles plying all regions in the country. Some of its routes include; Tunduma, Kilombero, Iringa and Arusha. Buses are luxurious and equipped with charging ports, on board toilets and air conditioning. Visit for further enquiries.

Shabiby Bus Line

Shabiby Bus line has been in existence since the 1990s. They are peculiar for the superior services being rendered to customers. The company’s major routes include; Singida, Dodoma, Same, Iringa, Namanga amongst others. You can reach out to the company on : +225 654 777 773

Kilimanjaro Bus Services

Kilimanjaro Bus company is one of the most reliable transport companies in Tanzania. With a luxurious fleet, the transport company plies Dar Es Salaam, Arusha, Moshi, Chalinze, Morongoro, Mbeya e.t.c. Call 0752400026 for further enquiries.

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Ibra Line Bus

Established in 2010, Ibra line started out as a  small Tanzanian intra-city transport company, operating in the Moshi and Kilimanjaro region. It now operates from Moshi Urban to Arusha to Bomang’ombe town, Mtwara and Dar es Salaam. It operates a fleet of semi luxurious Chinese Yutong Buses. Enquiries can be made on: 0754282074.

Tilisho Safari

This is a Tanzanian intercity bus that engages in daily passenger transports across Arusha, Dar es Salaam and Kilimanjaro. It has been providing quality transport services for about 20 years. It has a fleet of relatively new buses with luxurious features such as; television, sound system, free Wi-Fi, self controlling AC e.t.c. You can contact them on; 0769958224.


Like every sector, there is always room for growth and courses stated above can improve in various aspects. There are several other transport companies in Tanzania, who are also qualified to be on this list. However, these are various tested and trusted companies that will guarantee your luxury, comfort and safety.

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