Best Transport Companies In Kenya

Top 10 Best Transport Companies In Kenya

What are the best transport companies in Kenya?

Road transportation is the most used form of transportation worldwide. Kenya is not left out as road transportation is one of the fastest growing sectors in the country. 

This has led to the establishment of hundreds of transports companies operating and transporting people and goods across cities in the country. Transportation in Kenya has improved over time with the existence of luxurious buses as well as an online booking system. Road trips are now fun and memorable whilst being safe and affordable.

Below is a list of 10 top transport companies in Kenya. The list is in no particular order, but you can be rest assured you’d get quality for your money by travelling with any of these bus companies. 

Best Transport Companies In Kenya 

The top 10 best transport companies in Kenya today are: 

Mash Poa

Mash Poa Kenya
Best Transport Companies In Kenya

This reliable Kenyan transport company is also known as Mash East Africa Ltd.  The transport company has been established since 2003 yet keeps providing quality transport service across different locations in Kenya as well as other East African countries such as Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

To promote customers’ interest and safety, they ensure that all vehicles are in perfect condition with routine check ups, and all bus drivers are well trained, licensed and tested for alcohol on every trip. The bus company also makes use of luxurious buses with air conditioning, television, sound system amongst others.

Simba Coach

Simba Coach Online Booking
Best Transport Companies In Kenya

Simba Coach is a Kenyan transport company that engages in passenger and package transport across cities and states in the country. It also engages in trips to and fro Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. 

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It offers luxurious trips as their vehicles are fully equipped with charging ports, LCD screens, two by two reclining seats and air conditioning. Travelling with Simba Coach is also easy as you can book trips via their online website.

Coast Bus Ltd.

This transport company is one of the oldest in Kenya. It has been in existence for almost 60 years. It specialises mainly in trips across Kenyan cities. They have a loyal clientele who continuously travel with them as well as leave good reviews. Coast Bus Ltd offers quality services at affordable rates.

Modern Coast Coaches Ltd.

Modern Coast Coaches Kenya
Best Transport Companies In Kenya

Modern Coast was established in 2007, and has only 6 buses with which it engaged in trips between Mombasa and Nairobi. 

The company has risen to be amongst the top transport companies recognized in Kenya. It now has over 50 vehicles which engage in interstate trips within Kenya as well as international trips to Tanzania and Uganda. Customers can also book tickets online from the comfort of their home.

Dreamline Express

Best Transport Companies In Kenya
Best Transport Companies In Kenya

Looking for high quality road transport ? Then Dreamline Express is your answer. The bus company engages in passenger and cargo transportation across Kenyan cities. It travels with luxurious buses fully equipped with onboard restrooms, free Wi-Fi, televisions, sound system e.t.c. You can book trips and choose your seats online. Dream line also travels to Uganda.

ENA Coach

Owned by Evans Ayona, managed by ENA investment Ltd., ENA coach was established in 2010 to provide great transportation to Kenyan Residents. The company makes use of 12 and 49 seater luxurious buses to transport passengers. The company also engages in individual and group courier services for both lightweight and heavyweight goods.

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Tahmeed Coach

Tahmeed Coach online booking
Best Transport Companies In Kenya

Having been in operation for about 18 years, Tahmeed Coach is well known in Kenya. It is reputable for engaging in convenient, secure and high quality transport services. The company places customer safety in high regard by ensuring drivers are well trained and vehicles are in good conditions before trips. The bus company operates majorly in Kenya but also travels to Tanzania, Uganda and Rwanda. 

Guardian Coach

Ong’era Maturi, a late Kenyan businessman, established the Guardian Coach with only 3 buses. The company has however expanded to owning several luxury and Scania buses. This is another company that respects customer safety by installing speed limiters in all buses to guide drivers on the road. This is a very dependable bus company.

Transline Classic

Transline Classic transport company was founded in Nairobi in 2005. It is a road transport company that engages in the movement of people and goods across various cities in Kenya. It performs its operations with over 50 luxurious buses fully equipped with; LCD screens, air conditioning , 2 by 2 reclining seats, Leg room amongst others. 

Easy Coach

Easy Coach is a passenger transport company that also engages in worldwide shipping services. It operates its passenger transport services mainly within Kenya across cities such as ; Nairobi, Mbale, Kakamega, Kisumu, Bungoma, Malaba, Usenge, Bungoma among other cities. The company also renders vehicle hire services. Bus tickets can be booked online via the company’s website. It is also one of the best transport companies in Kenya.


The buses stated above were chosen based on their customer satisfaction level, reputation over time, driver and staff performance, amenities available in the buses amongst other factors. 

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Though relative to varying opinions, these companies can be considered the best on Kenyan roads. They ensure safety of their customers as well as packages being delivered. They are also concerned with customers comfort by providing air conditioning systems, LCD screens, 2 by 2 reclining seats as well as leg rooms suitable for long distance trips.

They have stood the test of time with many reviews recorded in their favour. Your next trip should be handled by any of them. They are the best transport companies in Kenya today. To check their price lists, kindly use our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool.

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