Best Transport Companies In Ghana

Top 10 Best Transport Companies In Ghana

What are the best transport companies in Ghana? 

Previously, travelling by road in Ghana was only done with taxis. However, the country has experienced a large change and growth with the establishment of intercity, intracity and international bus companies. The bus rates are not only more affordable, they are efficient, and travel across more distances.

The companies engage in passenger transportation, logistics services, charter services amongst others. The bus companies have improved the company’s economy as they allow for the existence of better tourism.

Best Transport Companies In Ghana

In no particular order, these are the 10 best transport companies in Ghana.

Metro Mass Transit

Best Transport Companies In Ghana
Best Transport Companies In Ghana

The metro mass transit is a government owned transport company. Since its existence in 2004, it has provided Ghanaian residents with smooth movement across cities in Ghana. The company also contributes to the growth of Ghana’s economy. Their inter-city and intra-city bus tickets are fairly affordable. Its main routes are Accra, Takoradi, Cape Coast e.t.c.

O. A Travel and Tours

O.A Travel and Tour
Best Transport Companies In Ghana

This is a huge household name in the Ghanaian transport Industry. It was established in the early 2000s. It initially started on a small scale by travelling only from Accra to Kumasi. However, it has now expanded its services making Bawku, Tamale, Sunyani e.t.c. Over the years, it has built a loyal customer base who continually patronises and recommends them.

VIP Jeoun

VIP Jeoun Ghana
Best Transport Companies In Ghana

This transport company offers one of the most comfortable rides to Ghanaian residents. Their fleet travels mainly between Accra, Kumasi and Sunyani. 

As the name implies, it is a rather luxurious bus company, making its fares relatively high. They  command a very high presence as their station is always filled with buses and passengers. It ensures safety and comfort of passengers.

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ABC Transport

ABC Transport
Best Transport Companies In Ghana

ABC Transport is a West African bus company that has liased with Ghana and established an headquarters in Accra. Its headquarters is opp. Priceway Hotel, Avenor, Accra. 

It is a reputable bus company that provides Ghanaians with safe and comfortable intercity trips as well as international trips to Nigeria. They employ well trained Ghanaian drivers to ensure customer safety. Their transport rates are slightly more expensive than other bus companies, however, you enjoy luxurious trips with ABC.

Stabus Transport Company

Best Transport Companies In Ghana
Best Transport Companies In Ghana

This transport company was established in 2019, as a more comfortable alternative to taxi, public transport in Ghana. It has its headquarters at North Legion, Accra, Ghana. It operates private, luxury buses, to transport employees, groups and can be hired by individuals and companies. It operates Monday to Friday at fairly affordable rates.


This bus company is an offspring of Efosa Express limited. The company is an indigenous bus company established in 1975, in Benin, Nigeria. Over the years, it has expanded, and one of such expansion led to creating an headquarters in Ghana. Its bus schedules include various cities within Ghana and international trips between Ghana and Nigeria.  For further enquiries, contact EFEX on; +233545567306. 

NewBest Transport Services

This is a reliable transport company in Ghana that plies Cape Coast, Kumasi, Takoradi, Techiman, Sunyani, Koforidua and Accra. Asides providing daily passenger transport, they also offer buses, vans and cargo trucks for charter services. The company also transports Universities students across cities in the country on resumption and vacation dates at affordable prices.

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Chisco Transport

Chisco transport is a West African company with branches in various countries in west Africa, consisting of; Nigeria, Ghana, Togo Abidjan e.t.c. I’d engaged in intercity transports within each of the countries whilst linking them internationally. 

In Ghana, it engages in passenger transport and logistics services in Accra,Kumasi, Takoradi e.t.c. For further enquiries and booking process, visit the company’s website at;

ALG Transport and Logistics

This is a Ghanaian owned transport company that serves only Accra and cities within it. It engages in passenger transport, dispatch services, airport pick and drop and charter services. 

It is one of the most reliable transport companies in Ghana as its rides are affordable, safe and affordable. You can reach out to the company on , +233 26 362 4895.

God is Good Motors (GIGM)

GIGM is a West African transport company that transports people across countries in West Africa. Some of the countries include Ghana, Nigeria e.t.c. Though this company does not engage in intercity transport in Ghana, its international trips are top notch. 

The long distance trips are inside luxurious buses, fully equipped with air conditioning, overhead reading lamps, sound systems and more. Passengers often leave good reviews on the food they enjoyed during the trip. For your next trip to Nigeria, you should travel with GIGM


The various bus companies stated above have been selected for their top notch services, reviews left by passengers, distances covered, services rendered as well as safety and luxury being offered.

The vehicles are fairly affordable and you would definitely get your money’s worth. For more enquiries, it’s best to reach out to individual companies. To confirm the price list of any of the companies, kindly use our TpChecker Transport Cost Checker Tool.

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