best road transportation companies in Nigeria

Best Road Transportation Companies In Nigeria (2024)

The transport sector like every other sector in Nigeria is filled with a lot of acclaimed best road transportation companies in Nigeria. Nevertheless, the high competition in this sector has left many with no choice but to work on their services.

If a stress-free journey, without the fear of losing your luggage, is what you have always desired, then this article is for you.

After considering many factors like safety, comfortability, affordability, and customer-friendly service.

Best Road Transportation Companies In Nigeria

1. GIGM.Com

GIGM.Com popularly known as God is Good Motor is currently the best road transport company in Nigeria. The company which was established in 1998 has grown to be one of the leading transport companies in Nigeria. God is Good Motor recently rebranded to GIGM.Com even though many still called the company God is Good.

GIGM.Com’s headquarters is in Benin in Edo state. The indigenous transport company has an online mobile app for booking a ticket. God is Good Motor covers about 10 states across the 6 Geo-political zones. With many luxurious buses owned by the company, they offered excellent and top-class service.

As a result of this, the Nigerian Union of Journalists offered them an award, tagging them as the most outstanding transport company in 2012.

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2. ABC Motors

ABC Motors is one of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria. It’s a transport company with international standards which was established in 1993.

The transport company currently has many fleets of buses and terminals across many parts of the country. The company also makes a trip to some West African countries like the Benin Republic, and Ghana among others.

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Their head office is in Owerri, Imo state with many operating branches across the country.

In their 24 years of service, they have won many awards including the National Bus Operator Awards times without number. Owing to the top-class services rendered by this company. Their buses are fully air-conditioned with onboarding treats and good toilet facilities.

Some of their services include Haulage, sprinter, hotel lodging, executive services, and many more.

To ensure safety, they have an online tracking system. If comfortability and safety are what you desire, ABC Motors is your best bet.
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3. Chisco Transport Limited

Chisco Transport Ltd is an indigenous transport company established by Cheif Chidi Anyaegbu in 1978. It’s one of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria with over 500 luxurious buses. The company has at least a bus terminal in almost all 36 states. They also have an online booking app, which makes booking tickets in the comfort of your home possible. Apart from Nigeria, they also transport luggage and people to some parts of West African countries.

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4. Young Shall Grow

Young Shall Grow is one of the oldest transportation companies in Nigeria with over 4 decades in service. Young Shall Grow is an indigenous transport company founded by Dr. Chidi Amaechi in 1972.

The company was first created with the aim of serving the Eastern part of the country only. But now, it currently covers the whole nationwide. The Young Shall Grow headquarters is in Lagos along old Ojo Road.

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The Services they offered include Cargo, regular transport, the West African coast, charter transport, and many more.
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5. Cross Country Limited

Cross Country Limited is one of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria with over 30 destinations both outside and within the country. With over 500 fleets of buses, they offered many services including haulage, logistics, charter services, rental services, and so on.

Cross Country Limited is quite popular among the NYSC Corpers. with their friendly and efficient service, they transport most Corpers from their terminals to the camp.

They have terminals in almost all the NYSC camps. For a smooth and comfortable journey to the NYSC Camp, Cross Country is your sure bet.
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6. GUO Motors

The list of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria won’t be complete without mentioning GUO Motors. GUO is quite popular among travelers in Nigeria.

With over 100 buses and modern cars, they offered services like Airport and hotel pickup, Charter services, haulage, and others.

Abuja, Kano, Yola, and Lagos are among the major cities plied by the transport company.
For more details about their services, visit

7. Peace Mass Transit (PMT)

With over 2000 buses covering a whole 19 states, Peace Mass Transit remains one of the best road transportation companies in Nigeria.

They transported over 30,000 passengers daily with over 2,700 staff making it possible

Peace Mass Transit doesn’t become one of the best a day, it’s a result of their continuous efforts. The company started with just two buses transporting passengers mainly in the East. They have grown beyond that, as they now ply many of the major cities, currently.

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PMT also has an online mobile app for payment and booking of tickets.

8. Bonny Motors Limited

Bonny Motors Limited is another transport company that was established in 1998 with its headquarters in Ebute Meta, Lagos. The services offered by the company include city and interstate transport, haulage, warehousing, and courier services.

Lagos to Abuja, and Lagos to Kano are examples of the interstate transportation made by the company weekly. They also transport customers to countries like Ghana depending on the bookings.

Visit their website at

Benue Links is a state-owned transport company with over 1000 buses. It’s one of the largest transport companies established in 1988.

Apart from transporting people, they offer vehicle repairing, waiting for lounges, and parking lots for various customers.

10. Ifesinachi Transport Limited

Ifesinachi Transport company just like Bonny Motors only plies the major cities, with their headquarters along the Onitsha-Enugu expressway.

They offer many services including city transport, lounges, haulage, and warehousing.

With any of the transportation companies listed above, a comfortable and secure trip anywhere in Nigeria is assured.

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