Best Courier Companies in Nigeria

Top 10 Best Courier Companies in Nigeria (2024)

This essay is about the top 10 Best Courier Companies in Nigeria, with some of them being among the most affordable courier services available in the nation right now.

E-commerce and courier service businesses have made the delivery of products and services within the federation much easier in recent years since customers can place orders online from the comfort of their homes and have them delivered with minimum trouble.

This was not always the case, as individuals battled to have their products transferred in record time and with relative ease in the past.

Nowadays, courier service companies handle all of the logistics involved in shipping goods and services from one location to another, whether within a State or across the country, and many Nigerians have been able to identify a few of them that have stood out in this line of business over time due to their trustworthiness. We shall go through the top courier service businesses in Nigeria today as we progress through this post.


In no particular order, below are the ten greatest and most popular courier service/logistics businesses in Nigeria:


First, on the list of Best Courier Companies in Nigeria is Zenith Carex International Limited a Nigerian Customs Service-registered, licensed, and authorized clearing and freight forwarding agent, founded on November 1, 2002, under the Companies Act of 1968, with over 40 branches countrywide.

In less than a decade since its inception, this courier service and logistics firm has already established a front-line position in the air express sector, in keeping with its objective. They’ve carved out a place for themselves as an air express firm that can be counted on not just to meet but also to surpass client expectations.

From local to international logistics, Zenith Carex International Limited provides a full variety of courier, clearing, and freight forwarding services. International organizations recognizing their work and success is a symbol consistent with many similar recommendations from important clientele.

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The NIPOST EMS fast post is one of Nigeria’s oldest courier services, having been established in 1986. It is also one of the most affordable in the country.

The following services are provided by the NIPOST EMS Speed Post:


Document and product delivery services that are delivered quickly (including dutiable goods). The service offers rapid customs clearance for dutiable products to a wide range of foreign locations.


SPEEDPOST is a national domestic express delivery service for papers and products.


The sender pays for a return service at the time of mailing. The service is solely available for speedy post-transaction processing.


These are EMS/speed post branded packs (carton containers) sold to consumers shipping merchandise goods across the counter.


This is a domestic service that takes 48 hours. It is aimed at social clients who are mailing non-time-sensitive products and require a lower degree of service than the standard speed post.


At extremely affordable rates, the intracity service provides effective and fast collecting and delivery of papers and goods items inside Nigeria’s major cities.

It should be noted, however, that international products have a maximum weight of 30kg.

The maximum size is 1.5 meters in one dimension or 3 meters in length and the circumference is measured in a direction other than length.


This service is anticipated to take 6 hours to deliver to Nigeria’s major airport towns, including Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt, Benin, Enugu, and Calabar.


GIG Logistics, often known as GIGL, is one of Nigeria’s top courier service providers today. The firm was founded in 2012 and prides itself on becoming Africa’s premier logistics provider. GIG Logistics is one of a select group of logistics firms with a well-defined market route across Africa.

It is a rapidly growing courier service firm with dozens of local branches in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United States, as well as a large, well-connected worldwide network that provides domestic and international, intra-state, and inter-state express delivery services.

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The firm is a prominent participant in freight forwarding, haulage services, mailroom services, storage and distribution services, and e-commerce logistics, in addition to courier services.


TRANEX, or Trans-Nationwide Express Plc, is a prominent logistics and courier service provider located in Lagos, Nigeria. This courier company’s mission is to provide high-quality, low-cost delivery services.

They’re also one of the most efficient courier services in Lagos and the rest of Nigeria. TRANEX has evolved to become one of Nigeria’s major distribution firms, providing courier, cargo, cold chain, and air cargo services both domestically and internationally.


FedEx is a well-known courier service corporation with a Nigerian affiliate, FedEx Nigeria. This courier company is well-known around the country for its efficiency and dependability, as well as its ability to provide convenient drop-off sites that not only save money but also important time.


In Nigeria, United Parcel Service (UPS) is a leading courier service provider. UPS is a global brand that originated in the United States and has since expanded to many other nations across the world. This well-known courier firm also specializes in cargo delivery and shipping, and they have a sizable Nigerian clientele.


DHL is the world’s largest logistics corporation, with headquarters in Germany. This courier firm was founded in 1969 and operates offices in several countries, including Nigeria. DHL specializes in sea and air mail, however, it does occasionally utilize railroads and boats for freight delivery.

DHL is one of the first businesses that springs to mind when it comes to courier services in Nigeria. The firm is without a doubt one of the greatest courier firms in the globe, and by extension, Nigeria.

They are well regarded and always deliver on time, with their main flaw being their pricing, which is understandable given their position as a worldwide leader.

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Red Star Express is another well-known courier business in Nigeria. On November 14, 2007, the company went public on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and it now offers a full range of logistics services in Nigeria, including international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, Integrated Logistics Solutions, Information and Document Management Solutions, Warehousing, Packaging Services, Food Delivery, and Agriculture.

Red Star Express Plc may also act as a third-party logistics provider for e-commerce businesses, which is a significant advantage given the company’s ability to reach almost every region of the nation in this manner.


ABC Cargo is a division of ABC Transport, with headquarters in Owerri, the capital of Imo State. Despite being a courier service, the firm also handles shipments and provides support services to other courier and logistics companies. ABC Cargo guarantees that your packages are easily traced, and their service has been nothing short of reliable throughout the years.


CourierPlus was founded in 2009 and is a major logistics and distribution services provider in Nigeria. They provide a comprehensive range of rapid courier and logistical support services to their clients.

Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Government Agencies, and Oil & Gas/Utilities are just a few of the company’s strongholds.

CourierPlus, as a diverse end-to-end logistics solutions provider, provides a range of expertise aimed at assisting customers in re-engineering and reinventing their businesses in order to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace, with the ultimate goal of safely and promptly delivering all of their customers’ consignments as promised.


Getting a courier service to deliver your goods may be a herculean task, however, we have minified the stress for you by giving you the list of Best Courier Companies in Nigeria.

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